17:00  Poppy WS

Full-Time & Small-Time Singer-Songwriter with a love for all styles.

18:30  Hurricane Tapes

Hurricane Tapes are a Post-Punk Grunge band.

Barbertown Worcester Presents:

14:30  Mice in a Matchbox

Up beat folk rock steampunk.

16:00  King Atomic

A power-trio of musicians with funky beats and catchy riffs.

17:30  Mongrel

Tongue in cheek, pop-funk duo with original songs.

19:00  Maddi May with Is The Pope

Acoustic originals and covers for everyone

Hannah Webb Music Presents:

16:30  Ellie Williams

Nihilistic anthems for those who've lost all hope for a happy love life.

17:15  Hannah Michell

A singer / songwriter brought up in Worcester but now based in Birmingham.

18:00  Theone Dawes

The Water Goddess telling tales of her ancestors from the one mind.

18:45  Emilie Eleonore

Singer songwriter folk originals.

19:30  Lin Smith

Hack-of-all-trades coming to rain on your parade with dour acoustic jams.

20:15  Immy and The Keys

A smooth mixture of jazz and folk, playing both originals and covers.

21:00  Emma Howett

Electro and acoustic original songs.

Load Street Studios Presents:

11:00  Mt. Yonder

Featuring members of Blakfish, The Broken Oak Duet, Shapes and U&I.

12:15  RetsecroW(s)

Talented, rock band playing covers and their own original songs.


Proper tunes mixing flamenco, kraut rock and punk with added space noises.

14:45  The Scandal

The punkiest most funkiest two tone reggae band

16:00  The Ruben Seabright Trio

Acoustic renditions of popular metal, grunge, punk and rock classics.

The Chestnut Presents:

14:30  Paul Beadle Trio


15:30  Chris Mulvey and Bob Dovey


17:30  Simon (woo Town)


18:30  The Unholy Trinty


WMF Presents:

19:00  Olympic Average

5 composers from rock, grunge, punk and blues

20:00  The Cage

4 piece punk / indie band from the West Midlands trying to switch things up.

21:00  Sick of the Riot

2 piece high energy alternative punk rock band.

22:00  FULL PELT

British styled Pop Punk.

Uncover Presents:

15:30  Rock Dove

Rock Dove try to transmit hard to understand feelings through the ensemble.

16:30  RoadClosed

Alternative hard rock band.

17:30  The Masses

Powerhouse rock music with melody and charisma, fitting for the ears of listeners that want something fresh and exciting. Something to fuel a love for music.

18:30  The Astras

Indie rock Coventry outlet with catchy and melodic music.

19:30  The Good Water

Psychedelic indie rock n roll.

20:30  Collider Skies

A four piece original indie rock band from Kidderminster.

21:30  Two Pounds Down

A combination of groove and unpredictability, modern jazz and blues.

Cynical Thrills Presents:

15:15  Icy Moon Explorers

We are a newly-formed indie pop band, playing original songs.

16:15  Jubilee Years

Three piece from the West Midlands playing original material.

17:15  Shotgun Marmalade

Live energetic original songs to dance and freak out to.

18:15  Alex Ohm

Alex Ohm's alternative, cinematic symphonies reflect the wide range of influences that inspire his work and come together to create his unique sound.

19:15  Skewwhiff

Female fronted four piece post punk misfits with a nod to the festival scene.

Lamb & Flag Presents:

16:00  The Follicles

A guitar, percussion & magical vocal acoustic duo.

WMF Presents:

17:00  The Tonics

Hard hitting indie, new wave band with an alternative pop sentiment

18:00  The Samples

Worcester punk rock band, formed 1978. Reformed in 2020.

19:00  The Monkey Butlers

West-Midland's most energetic rock band, guaranteed to give a memorable gig.

20:00  Echo Gecco

Boundary-moving mesh of styles underpinned by complex time signatures.

21:00  The Pink Diamond Revue

'' Spangly gold late 1950s LSD-inspired tripadelica''.

22:00  Desert Boots

Desert Boots create dusty funk breaks & deep-cut soul, just made for dancin'.

The Oil Basin Presents:

13:00  Secondary Education

A drummer in lockdown with only a guitar? What could go wrong?

13:30  Kid Charlemagne

4-Piece hazy rock band with a side of funk and a hint of jazz.

14:00  Bowers & the Worst of Times

Leftist propaganda interspersed with cheese-pop covers.

14:30  Beneath The Shoreline

While they consistently include melodic synth and piano in their music, their sound coasts through pop choruses to heavy breakdowns with everything in between.

15:10  Nerys John

Musical exploration of the experience of the feeling of darkness.

15:40  Quiet Pills

Indie punk band with a unique style mixing pop punk with 80s goth post punk.

16:20  Dan Ryan

A mixed bag of music on wheels.

16:50  Bombs for Breakfast

Bombs for Breakfast are a Punk Rock / Emo trio from The Midlands, UK...

17:30  Maddi May

Acoustic originals and covers for everyone

18:00  Fort Royal

2pt rock 1pt prog ear worm choruses and unsparring high energy performances.

18:40  Connie Gordon

Mix of original songs and various covers from 60s to today.

19:10  Blush Puppy

We are an Alt-Grunge Pop band, bringing explosive energetic performances.

19:50  Jess Silk

Folk / punk singer-songwriter from the Black Country.

20:20  Dave McPherson

The voice of UK rock legends InMe, performing an acoustic selection.

21:00  Open Mic at The Oil Basin with Ruben Seabright

An open mic session for all to join in.

Paradiddles Music Cafe Bar Presents:

13:00  Billobuckers

A 4 piece indie band reminiscent of the 2000s and late 90s indie sound.

14:00  Motorik Road Trip

Instrumental stoner / desert rock with Kraut influences.

15:00  NOT SOUP

Electric, eclectic and bizarre. NOT SOUP serves up odd times and big riffs.

SBC Presents:

14:00  Colin Baggs

Energy, passion, driving rhythms and beautiful melodies.

15:00  Mother Figures

Brilliant but obscure bluegrass-ish songs, many self-written.

16:00  Mercury Trip

An upbeat, jazz-inspired-rock 3 piece with guitar, vocals, bass and drums.

17:00  Sean Jeffery

Rock music with thought-provoking lyrics and heart.

18:00  Tony Gillam

Indie-folk from innovative singer-songwriter, guitarist and dulcimerist.

19:00  LILA

LILA have a flair in extreme dynamics and a raw, uncompromising sound.

20:00  Sunday Afternoon

Your new favourite indie earworm, with catchy riffs and high energy tunes.

21:00  The DeadShots

Wild, 21st century Rockabilly

12:20  Jesse River Dylan Merry

Mix of punk-folk stompers and spacey trippers with songs spawned from poems.

13:30  Ellie Williams

Nihilistic anthems for those who've lost all hope for a happy love life.

14:45  Behind Inverted Eyes

Atmospheric prog up to industrial metal

Tyler Massey Presents:

17:00  Connie Gordon

Mix of original songs and various covers from 60s to today.

18:00  Amit Dattani

Roots driven guitar coupled with striking lyrical originality.

19:00  Abi Budgen

A beautiful explosion of electric guitar and drums from another time.

20:00  Tyler Massey Quartet

We're now a four-piece (TMQ)! Ralph Jackson is now with us on sax and flute.

WMF Presents:

16:00  Fraser Morgan


17:00  Charlie Williams

Acoustic singer-songwriter of lyric-driven songs often about Worcester.

18:00  Kyle Perkins

Deep, meaningful music, with fun attitude

19:00  mouseboat

A young singer-songwriter of sleepy, story-telling folk.

20:00  Colin Baggs

Energy, passion, driving rhythms and beautiful melodies.

21:00  Shan Tilley

Acoustic pop and rock covers, made minimalist and soft

Tonic Presents:

16:30  George Webb

Rhythmic Singer Songwriter.

18:00  Selina and the Howlin Dogs

Award-winning blues fused with rock, funk and a dash of hip hop / 4-piece

20:00  Split Second

Indie pop band bringing new original songs and covers.