Annie's Burger Shack Presents:

20:00  Liars at the Witch Trial

Female fronted rock two piece from Birmingham.

20:45  Leisure Tank

Leisure Tank is raw, minimalistic, indie rock with danceable grooves.

21:30  The Other Dramas

Female fronted 2-piece garage-rock band heavy on riffs and pop vocal hooks.

22:30  Skewwhiff

Female fronted four piece post punk misfits with a nod to the festival scene.

Worcester Brewing Company Presents:

16:00  Rupert Brakspear - Half Man Half Jumper

A mix of original, traditional and contemporary songs and tunes....

17:00  The Oohz

All original blues noir and dystopian chic, with coconuts.

18:00  Ruben Seabright

Acoustic metal / grunge / punk covers and originals.

19:00  Hannah Law

Blending folk, rock and anything else to create an eerie and unique sound.

20:00  The Elgar School of Music Folk ensemble

The Elgar School of Music Folk ensemble.

21:00  Zetland Road

Neo-psychedelic rock four piece.

Shrubby Road Studio Showcase Presents:

20:45  Tympaniks

Six piece alternative indie band performing catchy and soulful melodies!

22:00  The Whipjacks

Pounding drums, driving bass and screeching guitar flit hand in hand with melodic mandolin, partial nudity and attitude filled lyrics.

Cafe Viaduct Presents:

17:00  Beware The Bears

Beware The Bears.

18:15  The Loved and Lost (acoustic set)

Hard-hitting Melodic Metal with symphonic and electronic elements.

Chestnut Presents:

19:00  Shotgun Marmalade

Hi-energy Punkoustic originals with foot-stamping skankin' acoustic guitar.

21:00  Woo Town Hillbillies

Fun, yeeeha toe tapping!

Mytacism Music Presents:

20:00  Benedict Ludlow

Benedict Ludlow will be performing acoustic - psychedelic / alternative music.

20:45  Word of Mouth

4 young lads who love to get the crowd moving! 4 piece alt rock band.

21:30  The Earnest Spears

Raw energy and amazing stage presence.

22:15  nth cave

We're nth cave, you'll love us, we promise <3.

Dragon Music Presents:

19:30  Monkwood Green


19:50  Helen Davies and Ali Gittens


20:10  Town Musicians of Bremen

Trio of folk musicians performing original harmonious folk & roots music.

21:10  Derek Lovell


21:30  Sue Stevens


21:50  The Orchard Band


WMF Presents:

19:30  Modern Comforts

Indie Rock band from Burton Upon Trent.

20:30  Fey Militia

Energetic indie pop-rock band FFO Blondie, The Cranberries, Wolf Alice.

22:00  Echo Gecco

A band that stitch together myriad influences to make a sound of their own.

Faithful City Shows Presents:

20:40  Just Like Monsters

Blend of pop rock mixed with punk rock elements to create a cutting edge band who could be mistaken for the love child of Taking Back Sunday meets Paramore.

21:30  Mixtape Saints

Punk / rock / soul from the middle of the Midlands.

22:20  Golden Deathmask

Punk Hardcore from the U.K. Better then every other band in every way.

Imperial Tavern Presents:

18:30  Dave Kimbery

Singer / songwriter with a powerful voice.

19:45  Northern Fir (solo)

Intimate and easy listening singer songwriter vibes.

21:00  A Bloke Called Maddy

Singer / songwriter with a few stripped down rock / blues songs.

Lamb and Flag Presents:

16:00  Riche

Chilled R&B and indie vibes with subtle electronics.

17:00  Emilie Eleonore

Catchy twee originals with the odd surprising well known song!

18:00  Down Not Out

Down Not Out are a pop-punk four piece from Cheltenham including Jo, Charlotte, Ryan and James. Forming in early 2019, the band already have a whole host of original songs ready to share with fans!

19:00  China Moon

China Moon are a four-piece from Manchester who blend melancholic melodies with an Eastern flavour.

The Task In Hand Presents:

20:15  Riche

Chilled R&B and indie vibes with subtle electronics.

21:00  Too Piste

Bass and drums alternative duo.

21:45  Das Sexy Clap

Das Sexy Clap like shouting, drums played too loud, filthy bass and dirty.

22:45  Theo

Taut, chugging guitar loops layer up with frenetic tapping patterns...

23:15  Howard James Kenny

One-man electronica/rock band

So Sue Me Presents:

20:00  Alex Lleo

His music is a masterclass in soulful, addictive songwriting. Constructed around distinctive melodies, brass & string arrangements intertwine to build songs that are infectious and impressive...

21:00  India Parkman

Beautiful, soulful, impactful - a unique voice for a truly unique woman!

22:00  Lower Loveday

Melodic indie pop to rock your socks off!

23:00  Kaiju Blue

Top 40 mashups / live electronics / upbeat.

Paradiddles Presents:

18:30  Boz

Singer / songwriter with a deep gravelly edge offers raw emotional tunes.

19:20  Indigo Haze

Energetic, danceable, atmospehric indie-pop.

20:10  The VHT's

Young pub rock inspired three piece.

21:10  Miss Kill

Miss Kill are a two piece grunge band heavily influenced by Nirvana and The Vines made up of two teenage sisters Alannah and Felicity Jackson. There sound is huge and on stage chemistry is something else.

22:10  Hipflask Virgins

Raw riff driven alt rock. Catchy melodies, tonnes of live energy.

miffmusic promotion Presents:

19:00  The Arquettes

The punk pop reunion that nobody asked for.

20:00  3WOD

Purveyors of loud, melodic punk & indie music. Young and full of energy!

21:00  The Miffs

Post punk bass laden alternative rock and roll with a lowfi melodic twist.

22:00  The Nature Centre

Three-minute pop songs, which don't stay in one place for very long.

23:00  Tin Pigeons

Bouncy, summer festival pop.

The Sociable Beer Company Presents:

19:30  Chevy Chase Stole My Wife

Energetic pop rock with grungy guitars and sparkling vocals.

21:30  Arcadia Roots

Arcadia Roots are a Worcestershire based roots and psychedelic reggae band.

Clik Clik Collective Presents:

19:30  The Junkoactivewasteman & his Tinphonia

No longer a bin man, but part man, part tin can.

20:40  Peewee and the One Skins

Clash of genres shapes and sizes, we're here to have fun and so are you.

21:50  Inwards

"A childlike sound-world hides a slightly unnerving, psychedelic undertone".

23:00  Cantaloop

Smashing their funk back to the future! You've been warned.

Misery Corner Allstars Presents:

19:00  The Minors of Misery

Misery Corner all Stars.

19:45  Rob Hayes

Rock guitarist.

20:15  Abi K

Abi K jazz musician.

20:45  Big Q Fish

Jazzers Who Rock, Rockers Who Jazz...!:)

21:30  Travellin Redwing

A diverse & dynamic sound, encompassing elements of Rock, Blues, Country and West Coast

Museum After Hours Presents:

17:30  Bekki Cameron

Acoustic singer songwriter guitarist, upbeat music you can tap your feet to.