Theone Presents:

14:00  JuliLa

JuliLa will dazzle you with her theatrical uplifting performance.

15:15  Sean Jeffery

Rock music with thought-provoking lyrics and heart.

16:30  Mother Figures

Brilliant but obscure bluegrass-ish songs, many self-written.

17:45  Jake Marsh

Full time water gypsy acoustic folk / blues.

19:00  The Severn collective

New collective of Worcester musicians.

20:15  Rebel and the Banned


21:30  Hennesea

Hennesea are a five-piece new-folk rock band from Malvern.

Barbertown Worcester Presents:

17:30  Nothin' But Dust

We bring country charm to our performance. With blues and folk influences.

18:45  Sam Walker music

Sam Walker is a solo singer / songwriter performing her own rock pop songs.

20:15  Lennox And The Flawed

Lennox and the Flawed are an alternative band with catchy original tunes.

21:30  You Dirty Blue

Heavy Beat Combo specialising in blues and grunge.

Hannah Webb Music Presents:

19:30  Gaby Kettle

Female soul / pop artist. Relaxed and soulful vibe.

20:30  Eliza May

Intricate indie pop artist Eliza May brings her refreshingly catchy tunes.

21:30  Lycio

Lycio, the Electronic Hybrid Trio, championing "females in music".

Load Street Studios Presents:

11:00  Broken Wires

Young accomplishment band with original material and selection of covers.

12:15  LOSA

LOSA is a four piece hard rock band with gut wrenching originals.

13:30  Miles To Zero

Melodic rock.

14:45  Tin Drum

Own material and interpretation of traditional songs and tunes.

16:00  Kalashnikov Skunk

Rock / Metal covers, plus a few surprises!

The Chestnut Presents:

14:00  Drumlove with Ital Sounds Outside

Drumming and sounds

14:30  Bourbon Alley Blues


16:30  Maddie Stimpson


17:30  Vince Ballard and Toad


19:30  The Woodstock Social Club


20:30  Chris Clarke Band


21:30  The Woodstock Social Club


Cathedral Promotions Presents:

19:00  Mudlarker

Stoner rock / heavy psych band with 70s influences from Hereford.

19:50  Epimetheus

Fusing Shoegaze and Doom Metal, like baning your head to a glacier creaking.

20:40  At War With The Sun

Doom 3-piece bringing a procession of battering-ram heavy, hook-laden riffs.

21:40  The River

Downtempo rhythms behind a dense ebb & flow of guitars & melody.

WMMF Presents:

14:30  Sunday Afternoon

Your new favourite indie earworm, with catchy riffs and high energy tunes.

15:30  Marys Lye

We are an originals band who play a mixed genre of hard rock and grunge

16:30  Adult Leisure

Melodic alt-indie four-piece.

young pop things Presents:

19:00  Bex Kite

Up & coming independent Cheltenham acoustic songwriter - catch Bex early!

19:45  Quartz Gallery

Playful experimental noise. Chipping away. Poetic noisescape, apparently.

20:30  Kaiju Blue

"Anthemic" BBC Radio 1. Absolutely stole the show" BBC H&W Introducing

21:15  Vendetta Deluxe

Wow! Piping hot new band from former members of Vonhorn & Judy Speedway!

Shut It Down Shows Presents:

12:00  Redskies

Big blues rock sound.

12:50  CHUG

High energy, groovy, heavy rock to bounce and scream along to!

13:40  Liam Lee-Hynes

Heavy and ethereal bass looper.

14:30  Okay You Win

Brand new stoner / heavy-psych vibes from London, UK.

15:20  Slump

Psychedelic stoner sludge from the West Midlands. Fans of big riffs.

16:10  Goodbye Cassini

Riffs, grooves, adrenaline. Modern 3-piece alt-rock.

17:00  Grizzleroot

4 piece heavy rock / stoner-metal (UK) GrizZleRoot. Simultaneously crushing and bleak, pummeling. Grizzleroot put forth truly dark atmosphere wrapped in massive metal!

17:50  Mantis Defeats Jaguar

Pure entertainment guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

18:40  Kill The Witch

Experimental sludge metal

19:30  Soden


21:00  Dimes

No thrills, no gimmicks, just some good old dimed rock n roll.

22:30  Plane Crasher

The best band in the f***ing world. And nearly the loudest.

18:00  Emily Rebecca


21:00  Jasper Malone

Front man of Jasper in the Company of Others, Guitarist for NativeBear.

WMF Presents:

16:00  The Human Error

3 piece punk band performing fast paced songs about subjects that matter.

17:00  Phwoar

Upbeat alt rock / punky duo who you can take home to your mother.

18:00  Mt. Yonder

Featuring members of Blakfish, The Broken Oak Duet, Shapes and U&I.

19:00  Jiksaw

Intense vocals. Stratospheric guitars. Primal grooves.

20:00  JACKALS

Jackals are a nu-metal band from Manchester.

21:00  Bruise Control

4 piece turbo goths from Manchester.

22:00  Kick The Clown

KTC are here to deliver the noise. Rowdy, snot-faced & seething - punk rock.

23:00  Hipflask Virgins

A gnarly two-piece that leak riffs. Think: loud earworms and high energy.

The Oil Basin Presents:

13:00  Tor Pingree

Quirky, folk pop.

13:30  Patrilineals

Pop-rock trio, HAIM, Taylor Swift wannabes.

14:10  The Great Cornholio (Lewis Boulton)

A mix of rock, soul, blues and funk covers spanning the 60s to modern day.

14:40  Redhead

Good old fashioned Rock n Roll band who perform with a lot of energy!

15:20  Eleonore

We are a covers trio but not as you've heard it before! Female Pop Bangers.

15:50  7 Year War

16-18. we are fast, heavy and loud. Yes, our drummer is Samuel L Jackson.

16:30  Luke Lucas

Awe-inspiring duality of a killer voice and an ear made for production.

17:00  GRUNK

Rugby Grindcore idiots playing fast and loud.

17:40  Savannah Roberts

Savannah is an indie folk musician living in London.

18:00  SAK!

Lightning fast hardcore built upon energy and groove.

18:50  Ellie Williams

Nihilistic anthems for those who've lost all hope for a happy love life.


Pop music you can beat your friends up to.

20:00  Greysha

Electrifying blend of guitar-driven upbeat melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

20:30  PHON

PHON. Definition: "A unit of the perceived loudness of sounds".

21:10  Sauvages

Emotional Gritty suspenseful emo-electro fusion.

21:40  Krooked Tongue

Bristol-based rock trio.

22:20  Chloe Mogg

Singer songwriter inspired by Led Zeppelin, Janis Joplin & Chris Cornell.

23:00  Opium Lord

Reverb-soaked, sinister and abrasive doom meets slamming full party beats.

Paradiddles Music Cafe Bar Presents:

16:40  Jesse River Dylan Merry

Mix of punk-folk stompers and spacey trippers with songs spawned from poems.

17:40  The Mess They Left Behind

4 piece Rock band combining metal riffs with catchy Pop hooks.

18:40  Former Rivals

Anthemic, explosive and emotive grunge/post-punk moulded from molten anger.

19:40  Supersonic Fuzz Gun

A young and exciting band kicking up a storm around Birmingham and Worcester.

20:50  Painted As Monsters

A band with groove and punch with the music.

22:00  Ria Plays

Contemporary alt-rock band with surreal lyrics and angular tunes.

Mouse Hammered Productions Presents:

18:30  65 Arches

A spirited covers band playing some songs you'll know & some you won't.


Psychedelic rock that makes you move.

20:15  Spankbox

A 3-piece hard rock band from Worcester. Here to have a good time!

21:10  Trevino Slaxx

A captivating blend of post-punk intensity and guitar driven rock.


Bread-based comedy covers band.

SBC Presents:

15:00  Peter Davis

Solo acoustic musician

16:00  Adam Place

Acoustic Indie musician with influences from Bowie to Batiste.

17:30  Diving Duck

Diving Duck a six piece band multi instrumental vocal band.

19:00  Wurlitzer

Lively, catchy indie songs, aiming to make everyone smile!

20:15  Giant and the Georges

Zingy hooks, tangy riffs and vocal harmonies sweeter than honey!

21:15  Family Jools

Fusing together blues-rock and cosmic soul with a good measure of Americana.

22:30  Big Sky Orchestra

Big Sky plays improvised music drawing from soft rock, jazz and Americana.

WVFRMS Presents:

15:30  ADY J

90's rave reimagined for modern times.

16:15  LX NEN

Melodic Techno with hints of Acid House, Drum & Bass, Ambient and Rave.

17:00  Deathly Pale Party

Girl / boy duo making Lynchian neon horror electronics.

17:45  Valentich

Melodic Techno.

18:30  Rosebud

Dark electronica with spoken word mantras.

19:15  Stu McGoo

Experimental electronica and techno.

20:00  Singular

One man electronic band with a laptop.

20:45  Abscission

Heavy kicks, corrosive bleeps - expect distortion.

21:30  Asbestos Farmer

late 90's live electronic dance music, we have recently played STBC 07/04.

22:15  Vic Smith

Funky techno from the weird realm of modular.

St Swithuns Presents:

18:30  iggy cuthbert

Following on from Happy Bones, writing songs about the human experience.

20:00  Fraser Morgan


20:45  Louis Cardozo (Solo)

My music is indie/Rnb/Jazz/soul, I play with a 5-piece band.

21:30  Ryan Sparrow

Ryan Sparrow is an alternative rock trio from Birmingham, UK

WMF Presents:

15:00  Jennifer Ludlow

Singer / songwriter performing a mixture of originals and covers.

16:00  Tony Gillam

Indie-folk from innovative singer-songwriter, guitarist and dulcimerist.

17:00  Poppy WS

Full-Time & Small-Time Singer-Songwriter with a love for all styles.

18:00  Kyle Parsons

Heartfelt new-folk with indie undertones.

20:30  Ewan Pollock


Tonic Presents:

15:00  The Girl with a Hat

Soulful and very emotional type of music written to touch the human soul.

16:00  Bisola

Award winning singer songwriter delivering uplifting, catch music.

18:00  Rachaayluu

Rachaayluu has an ever-changing, vibrant sound that refuses to be unheard.

Waylands Secret Garden Presents:

19:00  Maddi May

Acoustic originals and covers for everyone

20:00  IS THE POPE...

IS THE POPE...high-energy & contemporary.