Worcester Music Festival 2012 took place from 24 to 27 August 2012.

Friday 24 August 2012

  • Adamantium
  • Aeonian Dog
  • Age Of Anarchy
  • Andy Thomas
  • Answer Back (acoustic duo)
  • Calm Like A Riot (secret Stripped down acoustic gig!)
  • Calvin ‘Wesley’ Duggan
  • Case Closed
  • Charlie Boswell
  • Chris Whiting
  • Claire Boswell
  • Colin Baggs
  • Evolution of Man
  • Flygone
  • Fortress
  • Fury
  • Fustercluk
  • Hullabaloo
  • Into the Fire
  • Jack Blackman
  • Jake Marsh
  • Juey
  • Laura Thompson
  • Lewis Spelt Backwards
  • Mansize (acoustic)
  • Martin Thorne
  • Michael Knowles and the filthy kind
  • Neotropics
  • Nudybronque
  • Omnia Opera
  • Organically Funked
  • Richard Clarke
  • Sally Haines
  • Sam Draisey
  • Shambollix
  • Sideways Glance
  • Signal 6
  • Signify
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Smileymic
  • Smiling Ivy
  • Stuntdog (Acoustic set)
  • Swing 42
  • The Crooked Empire
  • The Failed
  • The Formula
  • The Humdrum Express
  • The Misers
  • The Mourning Suns
  • The One Twos
  • The Rusty Knives
  • Thunder Lion
  • Two Dollar Salad
  • Way Out West (Interval music all night)

Saturday 25 August 2012

  • 11:11
  • Abraham Lincoln Bikini
  • Absolute Ataxia
  • Alex Round
  • All For One
  • Andrew Dwyer
  • Angiebones
  • Angus Clements
  • Armchair Committee
  • Babble
  • Bang On The Ear
  • Becky Rose
  • Big Dogg
  • Billy WhizZ featuring Flowdacia
  • Bitterroots
  • Black Cat Bone
  • Black Russian
  • Bob Jones
  • Chris Marsh (C-Bear)
  • Cyberstan (DJ – all night)
  • DJ Andy Coleman
  • Fatbwoi
  • Flesh Eating Foundation
  • Forgery Lit
  • Franco + The Dreadnought
  • Ged Wilson
  • Get Bag. Pack Bag. Go.
  • Giant-ELF-FisT
  • Hades the Cat(acoustic)
  • Hennesea
  • Hitchhiker
  • Idyllic
  • In 2 Stella Overdrive
  • Inca Hoots
  • James Mattey
  • Jasper In The Company Of Others
  • Jayne Gaze
  • Jennifer Ludlow
  • Jenny Hallam
  • Jerry Chester
  • Juke Joint John
  • Kevin Jenkins
  • KRafT
  • Laszlo’s Diary
  • Leslie Wilson
  • Less for Murder
  • Malthouse Passage with guest caller Ian Craigan
  • Marie-Claire Berreen
  • Marina Del Ray
  • Massive Head Trauma
  • Michael D Wynn(DJ)
  • Mighty Mystro
  • Miss Neutron Bomb
  • Mothertrucker
  • Neil Corbett
  • nineplanfailed
  • Open Mic
  • Outkri Disorder
  • Quinn
  • Richard Clarke & The Rafters
  • Ricta
  • Robert Adam Plant
  • Ronin
  • Russell Douglas
  • Sally Haines
  • Sarah Oreggio
  • Scratchin battle between DJ Random & Jonny Scratch
  • Skewwhiff
  • Smoke Farm
  • Sophie Bohanan
  • Soviet Space Bat
  • SpaceBetween
  • Steve Blackstone Band
  • Steve Gifford
  • Steven Goodwin
  • Stuart Woolfenden
  • Sub Kon Allstars
  • Sue Bell
  • Tallulah Fix
  • The Annas
  • The Detached Collective
  • The Detached Collective(acoustic)
  • The Dirty Dockersm
  • The Forged
  • The Groove Front
  • The Higgs-Boson Trio
  • The Indigo Kings
  • The Whipjacks
  • Theo
  • Time Of The Mouth
  • Tokamak
  • Tom Caswell
  • Twinkle & The Sluts
  • Twinkle Echo
  • V2A
  • Vital Statistics Theatre Company
  • Weak13
  • Wes Dance

Sunday 26 August 2012

  • Alexis Andreo
  • Ancient Addicts
  • Andy Meanock
  • Arkhamists
  • Artstar
  • Aulos
  • Bobby Ward
  • Chris Marsh (C-Bear)
  • Christine Hopgood
  • Colin Baggs
  • Concrete Belly
  • Cowley Cowboys
  • Cracked Actors
  • Da Vinci
  • Das Sexy Clap
  • Das Sexy Clap (Unplugged)
  • Dean Elliott Band
  • Deltorers
  • Disciples Of Tone
  • Dryftwood
  • Farcical
  • Flat Stanley
  • Gary Rolfe
  • Granny’s Attic
  • Gwen and Ken
  • Hitchhiker
  • Host
  • Indika
  • Jack Trainer
  • Jak Raven
  • James Gwynne
  • James Herring
  • Jamie Martyr
  • Jennie Harwood
  • Jenny Hallam
  • Johnny Kowalski and the Sexy Weirdos
  • Jon Gomm
  • Jon Sterckx
  • Juke Joint John
  • Kill the Romantic
  • Kill the Romantic (Unplugged)
  • Kim Lowings
  • Kim Lowings (Guesting)
  • Kings and Folk
  • Lakota Sioux
  • Lea Haworth
  • Lewis Spelt Backwards
  • Loaded Sista (Keisha Rodney)
  • Mansize
  • Mansize (Unplugged)
  • Marcus Rua
  • Marina Del Ray
  • Mark Leedham
  • Matt Killock
  • Michael Knowles
  • Mitch Reynolds
  • Model One
  • Moonstyle
  • Naked Remedy
  • Naseby Crossing
  • Northern Sky
  • Northern Sky … and friends
  • Open Mic
  • Patrick Plunkett
  • Pete Clough
  • Pete Taylor
  • Please Make Love in the Garden
  • Red Shoes
  • Red-Divide
  • Reinforced!
  • Ria
  • Rich Barker
  • Robert Adam Plant
  • Ronin
  • Rubicava
  • Sarah Oreggio
  • Sick Boys Club
  • SJS
  • Skewwhiff (Mark & Beanie)
  • Sophistication String Duo
  • Stompin’ on Spiders
  • Stripped Down Blues
  • Stuart Woolfenden
  • Stuntdog
  • Sugar Mama
  • Sunrise Over Europe
  • Switchplay
  • Tammy Down
  • The Boy And The Flatpack Band
  • The Broken Oak Duet
  • The Crooked Empire (Sean Sheldon acoustic set)
  • The Detached Collective
  • The Helm
  • the jellybean rebellion
  • The Manic Shine
  • The Miffs
  • The Night Shift
  • The number six players
  • The Retinal Circus
  • Time Of The Mouth
  • Trap Floors
  • Treefrogs
  • Twinkle Echo
  • Tyler and Vo
  • Van Goghs Trip
  • Vault of Eagles
  • Vault of Eagles (Unplugged)
  • We Used To Have Horses
  • Zim Zim

Monday 27th August 2012

  • Bell and the Boys
  • Bitterroots
  • Blue Nation
  • Breakfast at Charlie’s
  • Chloe Anderton
  • Chris Jones
  • Christine Hopgood
  • Claire Wilkin
  • Columbus Giant
  • David King
  • Done By Sunrise
  • East West Infusion
  • FouadSymphonics
  • Gordon Wood and Phil Bird
  • Graham Collins
  • Khaos Theory
  • Nick Lines
  • Open Mic
  • Paper Dreams
  • Penny White
  • Pete Clough
  • Resin
  • Sam Holmes
  • Sherry Counsellors
  • SJS
  • Stompin’ on Spiders
  • Streetfight Silence
  • Tap Jam WMF special
  • The Brickshed
  • The Broken North
  • The Loved and Lost
  • The Players
  • The Retinal Circus
  • Toby Parker
  • Twisted Species
  • Worcester Ukulele Club

Saturday 25th August 2012

Let’s Make it Musicglee! – Worcester Arts Workshop

Children will make their own instruments and then use these in a performance with songs inspired by Glee.

Singing School – St. Swithun’s Church

A 15 minute recital at the Guildhall, then to St Swithun’s Church where participants will learn a new song. Finishing back in town for a performance on the high street.

Piano Accordian Group Workshop – Elgar School of Music

The workshop will provide an opportunity for piano accordion players to play music together as a group. We will arrange folk music tunes into different “parts” with melody, rhythms, harmonies etc and divide up the group up to cover each part.

Children’s Concert – St. Swithun’s Institute Halls

An introduction to the joys of live music for all ages. Inspired by their favourite musicals, we will take children on a musical journey through jungles, on magic carpets and under the sea. The children will be encouraged to sing, dance and have fun!

World Drumming -The Angel Centre

A wonderful range of world drumming styles that can be played by all ages and abilities.

Mixtape Masterclass – Worcester Arts Workshop

Explore the composition and construction of a mix with Ed Steelefox, through looking at DJ techniques and styles, to help you conceive and polish a perfect mix of your own.

Children’s music workshop – Worcester Arts Workshop

Children aged 3-5 years old are invited to come and make some music with the dynamic Allyson Craigan,

Rock Choir Workshop & Outdoor Performance – Guildhall Outside

The Rock Choir workshop is for anyone who loves singing along to rock anthems and feel-good pop hits in the shower or car but hasn’t yet found the confidence to step through the door and try singing in a choir

Children’s music workshop – Worcester Arts Workshop

Children aged 3-5 years old are invited to come and make some music with the dynamic Allyson Craigan,

Beginners’ Guitar – Elgar School of Music

In this class attendees can turn up having never played a note and leave being able to play some simple melodies and strum some chords. This is the perfect opportunity to find out if guitar is the right instrument for you.

Jazz Jam! – The Angel Centre

Drop-in open house for all jazz players/ enthusiasts

The Four Elements of Hip Hop – The Pig & Drum

The four elements of hip-hop are DJing, MCing, Break-dancing and Graffiti. Participants will get to try all 4 disciplines if they stay for the afternoon .

Pop Choir Workshop – St. Swithun’s Institute Halls

Have you always wanted to join a choir? Now’s your chance! Helen Russell makes it so easy! Your nerves will disappear, as you throw caution to the wind and immerse yourself in song.

Rock Choir Workshop & Outdoor Performance – St. Andrews Methodist Church (Workshop)

The Rock Choir workshop is for anyone who loves singing along to rock anthems and feel-good pop hits in the shower or car but hasn’t yet found the confidence to step through the door and try singing in a choir

Folk Music Workshop – Elgar School of Music

Come and learn to play traditional folk music with Scottish fiddler, Claire King. Or if you can already play, come and join in! Fiddles, accordions, whistles, flutes, guitars, etc.

Acoustic Folk Jamboree – The Farriers Arms

Drop-in open house for all folk enthusiasts

Express Yourself Pop Choir and Show Tunes Choir Co – St. Swithun’s Institute Halls

Come and support Helen Russell’s fabulous Express Yourself Pop Choir and Show Tunes Choir, as they sing well-known contemporary songs by Jessie J, Take That and Scissor Sisters, plus show tunes from Hairspray, Oklahoma and Les Mis.

Express Yourself Glee Club Concert – St. Swithun’s Institute Halls

For beautiful harmonies and fun dancing come and see Helen Russell’s Express Yourself Glee Club perform pop songs by Alicia Keys, Sugababes and Girls Aloud. The Glee Club has no auditions and all are welcome to come and sing.

Sunday 26th August 2012

Beat Boxing -Elgar School of Music

The workshop will cover timing, breathing, technique and part of the session where participants can beat-box different sections of a song together. Case Closed will end the workshop with an informal two man performance, using beats. All ages welcome

Demo Derby – The Angel Centre

The Demo Derby operates as an open seminar where demos from solo artists and bands receive feedback, support and advice on their music from experts in the music industry.

WSRP Showcase – The Marrs Bar

Students from WSRP will showcase their talent in this lunch time performance at the Marr’s Bar. Whatever age you are, if you’re into rock music then this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about WSRP and meet the staff and students.

Junk Percussion – Elgar School of Music

Explore new sounds and beats from old, rescued junk and compose an impromptu womble-like symphony with the ideas and techniques we find together. All materials provided but feel free to bring any junk items that give a good sound too.

Singer’s Audition Workshop – St. Andrews Methodist Church

Singer’s Audition Workshop – Bring along a song to sing and receive some constructive feedback about your performance (Rock/Pop/Jazz/Blues/Country Musical Theatre styles all welcome). Free, friendly advice and guidance for how to improve

Indian Vocal Percussion – Elgar School of Music

This workshop introduces the amazing vocal percussion languages of North Indian Tabla and South Indian Konnokol. Learn to vocalise rhythmic groupings, phrases and tongue twisting patterns.

Acoustic Folk Jamboree – The Farriers Arms

Drop-in open house for all folk enthusiasts

Voice Care for Singers – St. Andrews Methodist Church

Workshop to include: • How the voice works. • What can go wrong. • Avoiding voice problems: general tips for looking after the voice. • Dealing with voice problems that exist: When to seek help and advice, and who from.

Monday 27th August 2012

Young Jazz Workshop – The Angel Centre

During this informal Jazz workshop, Peter will introduce participants to concepts and ideas found in Jazz playing, singing and improvisation.

Acoustic Guitar Masterclass – St. Andrews Methodist Church

The Masterclass will cover topics including contemporary acoustic guitar techniques, such as tapping and percussion and will give a valuable insight into Jon’s approach to playing, singing and songwriting.

WSRP RockShop! – Elgar School of Music

The Workshop is a snapshot of what happens regularly at WSRP every Saturday for 30 weeks of the year. Participants will be encouraged to learn a rock song in 2 hours, try drums, guitar, bass or vocals and maybe get to perform

Acoustic Folk Jamboree – The Farriers Arms

Drop-in open house for all folk enthusiasts