Chestnut Tree Presents:

20:00  Hump De Bump

A four piece funk, blues, rock band from Worcester, Worcestershire, UK.

21:00  Elgar School of Music Folk Ensemble

A group dedicated to playing instrumental folk music from around the world.

22:00  Hump De Bump

A four piece funk, blues, rock band from Worcester, Worcestershire, UK.

Mytacism Music Presents:

20:00  Calming River

Intimate and intricate alt-folk.

20:45  Liar Liar

Liar Liar, are an indie pop duo from the West Midlands.

21:30  Lower Loveday

Fast-paced, melodic pop, indie to blow your socks off and keep you hooked.

22:30  nth cave

We're nth cave, you'll love us, we promise! FFO: The Orielles, Wolf Alice.

Worcester Acoustic Music Sessions Presents:

19:30  Rod Willmott


19:50  Don't Mess with Katie


20:10  Shepherd's Purse


21:10  Don Mac

'Brilliant guitar player, jazz and blues singer' - Dragon Folk Club

21:30  Mice in a Matchbox

Singing atlantic sailors home from the Caribbean.

21:50  Set em up Joe

One of the best known and entertaining folk bands in Worcestershire.

The Earl Presents:

17:00  Immy & The Boatmanplus friends - Static no charge

Fantastic local duo.

17:45  Nobby von Wright

Singer-songwriter, observer and old-fashioned storyteller.

18:45  Ruben Seabright

A mix of warm guitar and powerful vocals to produce a passionate set of heart felt blues and soul.

19:45  Immy & The Boatman

Fantastic local duo.

Benjamin Dallow Presents:

20:30  Pre Sleep Monologue

Overdriven sass blues with heavy grunge blues undertones.

21:30  The Other Dramas

The Other Dramas are a two piece garage pop band from Oxford.

22:30  Skewwhiff

Four piece female fronted post punk misfits with a nod to the festival scene.

Faithful City Shows Presents:

20:30  Niall McKenna

The other side of a man who normal stands screaming at people.

21:25  S K Y L Y T S

Alternative indie pop rock played by 4 guys with swagger.

22:20  I, The Lion

Put a tattoo artist, a videographer and a lifeguard on a stage together and you'll get a trio that are at the cutting edge of British post-punk.

The Task In Hand Presents:

20:00  Institutes

Kick-ass, melodic, alternative rock.

21:00  GOWST (formally Esteban)

Gowst describe themselves as a really good idea, math rock for people who like a dance.

22:00  Connor Maher Quartet

Connor Maher is a talented young musician from Worcester.

23:00  Howard James Kenny

Ambient singer songwriter using loops.

So Sue Me Presents:

20:00  Jake Of Diamonds

Extremely versatile, immense stage presence, great performers

21:00  Jack Blackman

Jack Blackman is a singer-songwriter and guitarist.

22:00  Bleeding Hearts

Dance to it, listen to it, you can't bleeding ignore it!

23:00  The Fidgets

The Fidgets are a new and exciting guitar pop duo from Birmingham.

The Oil Basin Brewhouse Presents:

19:00  Lycio

Lycio are electronic hybrid band with a uniquely authentic style and sound.

20:00  Maefield

Melodic soundscapes with guitar and vocal looping

21:00  Liberty Artillery

An urban sound featuring all of the best elements of music.

Paradiddles Presents:

19:50  Rebel Station

A high-energy punk rock trio playing original music that is an explosive mix of updated 70s-era punk and high octane garage rock.

20:50  Horror On The High Seas

Forging molten anger and frustration into catchy tunes and fierce anthems.

21:50  GagReflex

Two-headed punk rock machine!

miffmusic promotion Presents:

19:00  The Cowleys

Purveyors of Briticana.

20:00  3WOD

Purveyors of loud, melodic pop-punk and indie.

21:00  Trevino Slaxx

Original music!

22:00  DEVILS

No frills indie punk rock 'n' roll. No messing - we just play and have fun!

23:00  The Miffs

Post punk bass laden alternative rock and roll with a lowfi melodic twist.

The Sociable Beer Company Presents:

20:00  Bitterroots

Transatlantic songs and music - traditional and original!

21:30  The Desperados

'The UK's Ultimate Party Band', Darren Reddick - Planet Rock Radio

Clik Clik Collective Presents:

19:30  Copper Feel

High pressure, mains powered funk fusion fantasma.

20:30  The Pink Diamond Revue

Live band fronted by Acid Dol a model from another dimension combining beats from today with riffs, samples and vocal harmonies from 50's and 60's.

21:40  7Suns

7 Suns are a 10 piece afro / latin funk group based in London. Universal music for universal people!

22:55  The Stiff Joints

The Stiff Joints, an 11 piece 'ska army' hailing from Kidderminster.

Sean Jeffery Presents:

19:00  Sean Jeffery

Alt-rock singer songwriter

19:30  Hitchhiker

Original alt rock stylings with memorable melodies and clever lyrics.

20:15  Anna Mason

Singer song writing guitarist. I play a mix of my own songs and covers.

21:15  Jack Monopoli

Rough spun home made original blues.

22:00  Nobby von Wright

Singer-songwriter, observer and old-fashioned storyteller.

Jono Wev Presents:

19:30  AnyPercent

Worcester based modern technical melodic metalcore. AnyPercent are currently on Fire.

20:30  Parson City

Heavy sludge-metal from the black-country.

21:30  Born Zero

We play our own music, no covers in the genre of metal / rock.

22:15  Misanthropic Existence

Misanthropic, apocalyptic, hateful and nihilistic extreme metal band hailing from scattered realms of England's Midlands. Raw, relentless, unapologetic.

Worcester Brewing Co Presents:

18:00  Bitterroots

Transatlantic songs and music - traditional and original!

19:15  Andy Tyler and Ray Sanders

Andy Tyler and Ray Sanders (singer songwriter with Saxophone)

20:00  Dave Ryles and Barrie Scott

Dave Ryles and Barrie Scott.

20:45  Mark Stevenson

Beard Bodhran and Tin Whistle

21:15  Glitch

Original genre crossing band creating a snarly funk, soul and indie sound.