Bottles Wine Bar Presents:

19:30  Jess Silk

Jess Silk is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from the Black Country - Kingswinford, who has been penning songs since her early teens.

20:45  James Mattey

A 22 year old singer / songwriter with a bunch of well crafted songs.

22:00  Resident DJ


Cardinals Hat Presents:

20:00  Every Thread

A female fronted acoustic duo from Birmingham, playing original folk pop.

21:30  BASSE

BASSE is a power-duo, heavily influenced by Blues and Garage Rock music.

Chestnut Tree Presents:

20:00  Voodoo Stone

Original material with roots firmly bedded in blues rock. Huge guitar riffs.

21:00  Dan James

Dan writes stories about people and their visceral struggle for existence.

22:00  Voodoo Stone

Original material with roots firmly bedded in blues rock. Huge guitar riffs.

Worcester Acoustic Music Sessions Presents:

19:30  Dragon Folk Club Residents

Dragon Folk Club Residents

20:00  Paul Rose Dictatorship

A steaming saucepan of unlikely ingredients blended into a satisfying soup.

20:35  Colin Baggs

Virtuoso guitar playing, folk to flamenco, jazz & classical. Breathtaking

21:10  Horizon Lights

A popular local folk band playing tunes and songs in its own unique style.

21:45  Victoria Crivelli

Victoria Crivelli is a singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist.

22:20  Set em up Joe

Well known and popular Malvern band with vast folk/country/jazz repertoire

23:00  Worcestershire Levellers

Acoustic traditional and contemporary folk to well known ballads.

Benjamin Dallow Presents:

19:00  Plastic Scene

A young band who express a refreshing sound through diverse influences.

20:00  Ghosts in the Photographs

Well suited for sound tracking gathering storms.

21:00  Elephant Peel

A bunch of free-thinking, rock n roll survivalists.

22:00  The Pink Diamond Revue

Live band fronted by Acid Dol a model from another dimension combining beats from today with riffs,samples and vocal harmonies from 50's and 60's.

23:00  The Actions

A blend of punchy guitars with dream like vocals.

Faithful City Shows Presents:

20:15  Thousand Mountain

Monolithic riffs, ferocious live shows and terrible jokes.

20:55  Bathtub

Emo influenced punk from Worcester.

21:30  The Overcast


22:15  Russian Girlfriends

Fast and furious rock n roll punk from Albuquerque New Mexico

23:00  SaltWounds

Four-piece melodic punk band from Worcester.

Two Crafty Brewers Presents:

17:30  Chip Langley

Chip Langley plays his unique style of blues and soul

19:30  Amoeba Teen

A melting pop of hooks and harmonies, crunchy guitars and melodic songs.

21:00  Jonny Allen

Acoustic Guitarist

The Task In Hand Presents:

19:45  Rosebud

An electronic beast howling at the sun,fed on electronica,dub and industrial.

20:30  Hoggs Bison

Instrumental three-piece rock (post, alt, math, jazz, punk..) band from Bristol.

21:20  To The Wall

Loud and heavy quartet from Birmingham.

22:00  Esteban

Esteban describe themselves as a really good idea, math rock for people who like to dance.

23:00  Population:7

We are a nine piece, live Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul band based in Worcester.

23:55  Theo

Taut, chugging guitar loops layer up with frenetic tapping patterns.

No Poetry Promotions Presents:

20:15  Valence

Valence is a new, very energetic and excited Pop Punk wanting to play play play.

21:00  Rivas

Trying to bridge the gap between indie and metal we wanna bring the best!

21:45  Pretty Vile

Passionate four-piece, teenage punk band challenging gender roles in music.

22:30  Camulus

Camulus are a fast and funky four-piece punk/rock band from the West Midlands.

23:15  RAVENS

Energetic three-piece, brimming with catchy hooks and dreamy melodies.

So Sue Me Presents:

19:00  Hipflask Virgins

Groovy two-piece riff-rock formed in 2014 from the ashes of Nomad 67.

19:00  The Poet with Passion (Poetry)

I'm a poet who writes about things that I'm passionate about.

20:00  Kissin Kippers Fishin Club

Kissin Kippers Fishin Club... imagine the sound of a musical tobacco tin!!

21:00  Vinny Peculiar

If Tony Hancock made pop records they would sound like this UNCUT MAGAZINE

22:00  Erica

Erica is an awesome, dynamic, unsigned and original three-piece band.

23:00  Chevy Chase Stole My Wife

Cheeky pop-rock with catchy melodies.

Rise Records Presents:

20:00  Rise DJs

Rise DJs

UnCover Presents:

19:45  Organised Scum

London-based indie act with regular approving nods from Line of Best Fit.

20:30  Nuns of the Tundra

Four piece psychedelic rock band from Malvern

21:20  Twist Helix

Twist Helix mix electronica and rock to make something dramatic and joyous

22:10  FEET

FEET is a young student band from Coventry in England.

23:00  Skewwhiff

Four-piece female fronted post punk misfits with a nod to the festival scene.

Clik Clik Collective Presents:

19:30  King Solomon Band

King Solomon is a heavyweight Roots-Reggae band from southwest England.

20:45  Swansea Laptop Orchestra

a 21st century orchcestra performing experimental music

21:30  Drumlove

Drumlove Professional Players, Teachers, makers & retailers of drums from across the globe.

22:15  Capas

Capas (Phil Wilkins) is a multi instrumentalist cinematic composer

Acoustic Humm (Darren) Presents:

19:00  Tyler Massey

American songwriter singing American songs set in the 21st century.

20:00  Tom Callinswood

Tom is an acoustic/alternative songwriter from the Midlands.

21:00  Kyle Parsons

Acoustic singer-songwriter and guitarist who writes and performs original music and an eclectic mix of covers from Neil Young to Nirvana.

22:00  Peters & Dog

Peters & Dog are a duo playing "acoustic psychedelia and more". Both songwriters,they perform their own songs and some covers.

Fierce Deity Promotions Presents:

18:30  Fury

FURY are a British band who deliver expansive, panoramic and beautiful arrangements, easily capable of transporting you to alternate and fantastical universes.

19:15  We Come From Ashes

Metal with many diverse influences.

20:00  Koncept

Awesome Midlands Metal!

20:45  The Loved and Lost

Hard-hitting Melodic Metal with symphonic and electronic elements.

21:30  Grizzleroot

Mega Grizzle Stoner Rock!!!! A Grizzleroot show is beer fuelled and loud as hell.

Worcester Brewing Co Presents:

18:00  Thom Colne

For fans of folk and country

20:00  Bitterroots

Transatlantic songs and music - traditional and original.