Outside Stage Presents:

Collective 43

New Orleans street style band with twists of blues and jazz

Surprise Attacks Presents:

The Hungry Ghosts

Garage Blues from the other side of the fence.

Repo Man

Grinding guitar riffs, splashes of crazy saxophone sounds and punk anger.


Psychedelic Progressive Rock, Insomnichord are a five piece progressive rock band from Bristol.


Rude, crude, fuzz rock dudes. VERY LOUD.


Math tinged shoegaze with big riffs.


An intoxicating cocktail of rockabilly beats, surf twangs and crunchy riffs

Howlin' Bones

Nitrous fuelled untraditional rockabilly coming right for ya.

Pablo Alto

Ledbury 3 piece Pablo alto are a Garage Psych band and have been compared to everyone from Hawkwind to The 13th Floor Elevators, Sonic Youth, Joy Division and The Stooges.

Slap Presents:

Calm Like a Riot

Shouty, twangy disco rock rap hop fusion


Original dancehall punx straight outta Birmingham!

Young Pop Things Presents:

Jazzy Heath

Jazzy Heath is a Pop singer, songwriter and pianist based in Cheltenham. She writes songs inspired by her experiences.

Michael D. Wynn

Live electronics set - BBC Radio 1 featured anthemic dark electronica

nth Cave

A local indie/alternative rock band who perform their own material!


BEKAH is a 24 year old, CaribbAsian; singer, songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist and record producer from the UK.

The Purple Shades

Exciting young local band full of energy and orginality.

Boneyard Sessions Presents:

Happy Bones

Happy Bones is a singer songwriter folk project.

Scott Freeman & The Tokyo Sex Whales

Indie rock led by thrashing acoustic guitar.


Solsara are a breath of fresh air for new music from the West Midlands with their raw, catchy, indie rock sound.

Shuddervision Presents:

Sister Sandwich

A high energy set of bread-based pop and punk covers the emphasis is on FUN.

The Stiff Joints

The Stiff Joints are an eleven man ska army, prepare to bounce.

Yes Man Jellyfish

The unique sound of Yes Man Jellyfish stands on the powerful grooves of house, breaks and drum and bass. This is fused with uplifting piano, dynamic guitar, vibrant synths and soulful vocals. They have transformed their music into an energetic live show. This continues to tour venues and festivals, alongside acts such as Stanton Warriors.

Colin Robot & Digits McPhee

Both are DJs from the Shuddervision Sound System and part of SECTION6.