Drum Love Presents:

17:00  Drumlove & friends with Ital sounds

Drumlove & friends with Ital sounds.

Chestnut Tree Presents:

14:00  Vince Ballard

The legendary Marr's Bar House Band enigmatic frontman Vince Ballard.

14:00  Big Fat Shorty

The blues is back! A highly acclaimed blues band in the Worcester area, led by John Ridsdale (vocals / harmonica) and Andy Platt (lead guitar).

15:00  Toad Pack & Pablo

The Rat Pack reborn! Brilliant swing and crooner music from the legendary Lounge Toad and Friends.

15:15  Bird Brother

A four piece, performing with Paul Beadle (Whiteleaved Oak, Splatt, Journeyman) on flute and percussion.

15:45  Jay & Eli

Established acoustic and keyboard duo from Worcester. Anything goes.

16:30  The Collective

The collective are a dub reggae outfit from Worcester, not to be missed.

16:30  Jenny Hallam

Quirky singer-songwriter charms audiences with whimsical piano joviality

17:15  Polly Edwards

Beautiful blues and r&b music from the Worcester singer / songwriter Polly Edwards.

Graham Munn Presents:

18:00  The Naughty Corner Ukulele Band

The Naughty Corner Ukulele Band are a three-piece outfit based in Worcester. They are all-singing, all-strumming, toe-tapping ukulele players with a diverse songbook.

19:00  Dharma Bums

Pirate shanty inspired folk, protest songs, country Blues, New Orleans jazz.

20:30  The Strays

Vibrant music, a nod to vintage rock n roll with a modern gritty vibe

22:00  The Desperados

'The UK's Ultimate Party Band', Darren Reddick - Planet Rock Radio

Syncr Music Presents:

16:25  Oli Barton & The Movement

Indie as hell, like Wilde on 'shrooms, this is Oli Barton & The Movement...

17:15  Juniper Nights

Juniper Nights are a four-piece alternative rock band from Oxford.

18:05  White Noise Cinema

An ambitious collective offering adventurous music you can almost dance to.

18:55  Blushes

Blushes are a 4 piece indie-RnB-pop band based in Aylesbury, UK

19:45  Kate Lomas

Feelgood self-produced indie-pop.

20:35  Sleephawk

Electro indie one man band. Beat driven ethereal indie.

21:25  Goldblume

Fuzzy, energetic alt-rock with mathy influences.

22:15  Rival Karma

The fathers of Nina Rock.

BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester Presents:

14:00  House of Wolvxs

House of Wolvxs are an alt rock four piece. From Worcester / Manchester.

15:00  Bryn Teeling & The River Thieves

A mixture of swirling melody, chord progressions and tight harmony...

16:00  Flex

21 years old from Redditch. Signed to WayTooFresh Recordings

17:00  Stone Mountain Sinners

Americana, alt. country & southern rock

18:00  Mitch Loveridge

Sings with passion and control from his own experiences and his idols.

Cynical Thrills Presents:

15:15  Smokin Pilchards

Folk-stomping nautical ska from Cornwall and the Midlands.

16:15  Grande Valise

Synthpop songs from the heart of the Black Country.

17:15  Colossus Yeti

An indie / garage rock three piece. Loud, fast music with meaningful lyrics.

18:15  Balaban and the Bald Illeagles

Three piece alternative rock band from the Black Country

19:15  MeMeDetroit

"The glittering electric, eccentricity of the 80s... The dynamic, not-to-be-messed-with grunge of the 90's... and the magnetism of present day indie guitar music... ...MeMe Detroit encompasses it all in an all-powerful cosmic swirl."

20:15  Terminal Rage

loud, angry, political, anti-fascist punk rock.

The Pumpkin Sessions Presents:

14:00  Neon Creatures (Louisa and Andy acoustic set)

New band from Evesham, Worcestershire UK.

15:00  Immy & The Boatman

Fantastic local duo.

16:00  Madi Stimpson Trio

Playing a diverse mix of guitar music, ranging from original compositions, to versions of great classics and contemporary pieces.

17:00  Aaron Douglas

Bristol based singer-songwriter Aaron Douglas

Steffo Presents:

16:00  Mutante

Synth based electronic duo

16:40  Deathly Pale Party

Electric loops and cinematic spooks.

17:35  ORE

ORE is the doom tuba sound of Sam Underwood

18:15  Rosebud

A two headed neo-situationist electronics and vocal beast.

Olpro Presents:

12:00  Howard James Kenny

Ambient singer songwriter using loops.

13:15  VoxRox Choir

Malvern's purple and green singing machine - where every voice matters!

14:00  The Fidgets

The Fidgets are a new and exciting guitar pop duo from Birmingham.

14:45  As Mamas

Two piece garage psych delivering a crazed raw energy, nice 'n' hot.

15:30  The Jericho Racks

A two piece fast paced blues band playing music to make people move.

The Imperial Tavern Presents:

17:00  Paul Lennox

Alternative original acoustic catchy pop!

18:00  B Movie Heroes

B Movie Heroes acoustic session - first BMH gig in 12 years!

19:00  Jenny Hallam

Quirky singer-songwriter charms audiences with whimsical piano joviality

20:00  Sean Harrington

Singer song writer Sean Harrington.

The Lamb and Flag Presents:

18:00  Dan Greenaway

National Winner 2017 of The Wedding Industry Awards.

UnCover Presents:

19:45  RVRMN

We're an indie / alternative band from Worcester

20:30  Thunder and the Giants

Four lads from Liverpool making grungy guitar sounds and vocal stuff too.

21:15  Danny Starr

Danny Starr is a 19 year old indie rock singer-songwriter from London.

22:00  The Hungry Ghosts

Garage blues from the other side of the fence.

23:00  Ten Tombs

Catchy, hook-ridden pop-rock from Cheltenham

The Oil Basin Brewhouse Presents:

20:00  The Lost Notes

We are really family friendly fun band playing only original music.

21:15  Riché

Ultra-chilled R&B and neo-soul with a glitchy, lo-fi.

22:30  Navajo Ace

Recapturing the grittier edge of indie, alt rock and 90's emo glory days.

Paradiddles Presents:

12:00  White Rhino

A dirty two piece from Cheltenham.

12:50  Glitch

Original genre crossing band creating a snarly funk, soul and indie sound.

13:50  Karyo

Upbeat alternative hip-hop, ideal music for dancing and drinking

14:50  VALA

Indie pop / rock band from Manchester - FFO The Killers, The Strokes, Weezer.

The Paul Pry Presents:

13:00  Bring your vinyl, eat and chill

Cooked Vinyl, bring your vinyl and have some food.

The Sociable Beer Company Presents:

19:30  MoZie

3-piece rock / blues / country / jazz / modern / traditional / folk / non-pop band of gents whose talents lay elsewhere. But you can't knock their effort. And gear.

Tyler Massey Presents:

19:00  Immy & The Boatman

Fantastic local duo.

19:45  Amit Dattani

Roots-driven guitar

20:30  Dan Hartland

Singer-songwriter rootsiness reinvigorating the lonesome troubadour.

21:15  Chip Langley & The Kidgloves

Alternative music with folk / blues twist. Heartfelt lyrics with catchy riffs

22:00  Tyler Massey Trio

Analogue music for the digital age.

Clik Clik Collective Presents:

13:00  Play it again Dan

A good old fashioned sing-a-long to get you going!

14:00  Leifur Jonsson

Leifur will be tinkling the ivories bringing you a mix of styles.

14:15  Kringo Blue and Poppy Waterman Smith

Kringo Blue and Poppy WS have combined their individual backgrounds as exciting artists to form a sensational duo.

15:00  Leifur Jonsson

Leifur will be tinkling the ivories bringing you a mix of styles.

15:30  Collective 43

Collective 43 is New Orleans inspired, multi-instrumental congregation.

16:30  Leifur Jonsson

Leifur will be tinkling the ivories bringing you a mix of styles.

Kidderminster College Presents:

19:10  Electric Raptor

Three piece rock band based in the West Midlands.

19:30  Faith

I play a mix of alternative and indie pop rock.

19:50  Vicki Pingree

Vicki Pingree is a quirky singer songwriter.

20:10  Hannah Law Band

Hannah and her band blend folk, rock and anything else to create their rich and unique sound.

20:30  Hey Jester

The future of progressive rock.

21:00  Shiraz Hempstock

Singer / songwriter

21:30  Redwood

Howling ethereal vocals blended with engaging lyrics and catchy pop hooks.

22:00  Coat of Many

A five piece group based in Worcestershire.

22:30  Junior Weeb

Indie / alternative band, bring energy to any gig.