Bottles Wine Bar Presents:

19:00  Josh Kemp

Josh Kemp is a singer songwriter who uses an acoustic guitar & loop pedal.

20:00  Lycio

Three-piece band bringing an authentic take on contemporary electronic/hybrid music

21:15  Lady Sanity

Lady Sanity is a 21 year old female emcee with a message

22:30  Population:7(Acoustic)

We are a nine piece, live Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul band based in Worcester.

Lazy Weekend Presents:

13:30  The Arboretum

The Arboretum - Shimmering guitars, deep dark bass lines and twisted beats

14:30  Magik River

thoughtful,exuberant,original material folk/rock, brooding ballads+up tempo.

15:30  Khamsina

Khamsina is a songwriter, producer and vocalist all rolled into one.

16:30  Sundara

Sundara are a four-piece collective fusing sacred sounds of East and West.

17:30  Familiars

Dynamic, atmospheric, mournful and melodic alternative rock.

Cap n Gown Presents:

15:00  Dead Frequency

High energy glam punk from Midlands UK. Touring throughout 2017.

16:15  Jacklines

Alternative Rock / Jam Band with eclectic music and exciting live shows.

17:30  Ryan Webb

Classic rock with an alternative twist that has a very fresh sound.

18:45  Scribble Victory

A dynamic, energetic and unique acoustic duo from Derbyshire.

20:00  Red Shoes

Folk/Americana band who deliver 5 star performances everytime!



17:00  Perry Foster


19:30  Thom Colne

For fans of folk and country

Graham Munn Presents:

14:00  Vo Fletcher

Jazz, Blues & Folk Guitarist / Vocalist

14:00  Big Fat Shorty

The blues is back! In the 1990s and early 2000s, The Awful Truth were a highly acclaimed blues band in the Worcester area, led by John Ridsdale (vocal)

15:00  Jenny Hallam

Thought-provoking piano-pop with powerful vocals.

15:30  Ben Vickers Collective

Gracing the ears of the world with reggae, funk and soul music.

16:00  Lounge Toad

Lounge Toad

17:00  Fireballs

Rock'n'roll is coming to The Chestnut in style!

17:30  The Hawthornes

Hard gigging, super charged, acoustic folk punk.

19:30  Arcadia Roots

Worcestershire based band with earthy, psychedelic and infectious vibe.

21:30  Big Wolf Band

Brilliant dynamic rock blues band from the midlands that deliver every time

BBC Introducing in Hereford & Worcester Presents:

14:00  Drew Darcy

Drew Darcy is an Artist/Singer/Songwriter from UK. Drew has taken influence from bands like U2,Keane; Nine Inch Nails.

15:00  Ross Angeles

BBC Radio 1 featured, female-fronted electronica duo from Bristol/Ross on Wye

16:00  Oriel Aps

I'm a solo artist writing songs because I love it.

17:00  Liberty Artillery

A five piece band mixing rock, hip-hop and indie to deliver a unique music style.

Cynical Thrills Presents:

15:45  The DC Spectres

Two-piece garage band

16:45  Raphaella Kornarskis

Energetic three-piece band from Wolverhampton performing eclectic pop songs.


"Chambers are a really special, hard hitting, unforgiving duo" - BBC RADIO 1

18:45  Teddy Matthews

Teddy Mathews is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Worcestershire. With Teddy's recently released singles 'LOVE' and 'WORRY' it would seem Teddy has slipped under our musical radar. This year he's been aired on BBC Introducing.

19:45  Sleuth

Sleuth is the bookish indie popster from Wolverhampton, home of Slade and England's first automatic traffic lights.

20:45  Flying Ant Day

60s beat combo + 70s punk + 80s indie = up tempo not necessarily upbeat.

The Pumpkin Sessions Presents:

14:30  Alex Rainsford

Vibey nosies based loosely around Alt-folk.

15:30  Trevor Babajack Steger

Trevor Babajack Steger is an established Blues musician, renowned for his unique playing style and exciting performances.

16:30  Bitterroots

Transatlantic songs and music - traditional and original.


Matahari Quartet providing high quality Jazz/Lounge/Chillout music


Matahari Quartet providing high quality Jazz/Lounge/Chillout music

14:30  Colin Baggs

Virtuoso guitar playing, folk to flamenco, jazz & classical. Breathtaking

15:05  Lucy Jarrett

Little bit country, little bit folky, little bit bluesy, little bit punky!

Fierce Deity Promotions Presents:

19:30  Grave Altar

Primitive Black-Thrashing Death. Rising from the Midlands & South-West.

20:30  Obzidian

Obzidian are a Thrash Groove Metal band from the home of metal since 2001.

21:30  Embodiment

Technical Metal infused with classical melodies and crushing groove.

Two Crafty Brewers Presents:

13:00  Dan Walsh

Clawhammer banjoist/vocalist/guitarist

14:00  Benjamin Dallow

Classic modern rock-pop songs in the grand tradition. Moody git mind!

15:00  Doozer McDooze

Doozer McDooze is a singer songwriter from Essex, England. Doozer is a modern bard whose rousing vocals and buoyant acoustics weave stories of life, love, and the struggles of the Everyman.

16:00  Jonny Allen (Open Mic)

Acoustic Guitarist

Rhythm & Booze Presents:

19:30  Girls Love Ponies

Supercharged Punk/Pop/Rock anthems. Fun, Raw, pulsating and energetic......

20:15  Harry & The Howlers

Female fronted Rockabilly at it's finest! Back to the classic days of fifties calendar glamour, their sound is a force of nature

21:00  MeMe Detroit

An indie grunge wave of sublimity and that's before she picks up the guitar.

22:00  The Boston Shakers

A cocktail of good vibrations you won't get enough of...

23:00  The Whipjacks

The Whipjacks are a five piece 'unsigned' alternative, speed folk outfit.

Mytacism Music Presents:

20:30  The Archivists

A band from Hereford, and spend their lives making music and partying.

21:15  Tell Me I'm Pretty

Original Indie Rock/Post Punk band from Coventry.

22:00  ClayToRide

ClayToRide create music sponsored by their mental disorders.

23:00  The Clause

Upcoming four-piece Indie Rock band from Birmingham.

Ben Vickers Presents:

19:30  Liberty Artillery

A five piece band mixing rock, hip-hop and indie to deliver a unique music style.

20:45  Noughts And Crosses

Noughts And Crosses- four piece alternative band from the West Midlands

22:00  The Flames

The Flames are a Worcester based alt indie band.

Barrie Scott Presents:

14:00  Mark Stevenson

Local singer, songwriter, percussionist and poet.

14:45  The Brickshed

Quirky folky trio.

15:15  Martin Thorne

Original songs, eclectic lineup and a high degree of improvisation.

16:00  Ajay Srivastav and Karmic Blues

Spiritual blend of Delta Blues and Indian Folk.

17:00  Trevor Babajack Steger

Trevor Babajack Steger is an established Blues musician, renowned for his unique playing style and exciting performances.

17:45  Black Cat Bone

Harmonica/guitar led Rhythm and Blues five piece

19:00  Lorise Eton & the Stealers

Lorise Eton - Hard rocking R&B blues based band with soul.

Sun & Stars Management Presents:

12:00  Smokn' Ashes

Songs ranging from mellow finger picking to upbeat, foot-stomping feel good

12:30  Garrington T. Jones

A purveyor of new tradition blues that blends the traditional ethos of acoustic Blues music with a modern edge. An accomplished instrumentalist, vocalist and harmonica player and lover of acoustic blues, folk and roots music.

13:00  Daisy Hill

Recently signed solo artist who loves to perform with lots of experience.

13:30  Lucy Jarrett

Little bit country, little bit folky, little bit bluesy, little bit punky!

14:00  The Magpie Cafe

Folk swing band mixing sounds of the 20s with dark lyrics and modern beats

14:30  Mark Leedham

Acoustic maverick, baritone vocals, soothing melodies, big grooves and funky.

15:00  Smokin' Pilchards

Stomping sea shanty inspired folk with a blues twist

15:30  imaner

Deb and guitar Dave collectively make up the acoustic duo Imaner.

16:00  The Jack Fletcher Band

The Jack Fletcher Band is an indie rock band from the West Midlands.

16:45  Katie Ellen

A soulful vocal with original, moving songs.

17:15  Ten Tombs

Ten Tombs are an Indie Rock band from Cheltenham, UK.

18:30  Ellisha Green

Enthusiastic singer/songwriter with a passion for music and performance.


Influens music is a heavy sounding masterpiece of a rebel soul

Family Ceilidh - WMF Folk Presents:

13:00  Family Ceilidh at St Swithins Institute Halls

Family Ceilidh - A rip roaring free event for the whole family.

13:30  The Whole Caboodle

The Whole Caboodle is a lively electric ceilidh (barn dance) band based in Worcester. The band of five talented and experienced musicians take delight in sharing their skills, enthusiasm, and passion for live music.

Stuntdog Presents:

18:30  Marie-Claire Berreen & Her Husbands

Dreamy ethereal vibe, a slice of classy 21st Century folk rock.

19:30  Vonhorn

Two thirds Dandelion Killers and one sixth Cardiacs.

20:30  Stuntdog

You will laugh, shout and rock your trousers off to their quirky brand of music.

21:45  Les Trunkwell

Spiky Hip Hop/Bingo from the leafy middle class suburbs of Worcester.