We’re treated to two vivid images in one great-timed shot from the winner of this year’s annual Worcester Music Festival photography competition, Cindel Oranday. Her shot of “The Hungry Ghosts playing at the Firefly” captures two of the band members immersed in their artistry.

Second prize went to Roy Jenks for his bewitchingly captured “Theo at the Marrs Bar”.His muted, almost sepia tones is a nice capture of the emotion of both the artist and the audience. Whilst third place winner, Emily Harris’ shot of “V2A at Worcester Arts Workshop” is a bold image that is praised for her use of flash in a tough venue to shoot.

Cindel was presented with a £100 camera store voucher courtesy of festival sponsor Child Care Bureau, which provides high quality foster care placements throughout Worcestershire and beyond, at a prize giving ceremony at Worcester Arts Workshop in Sansome Street last Friday night, with a £50 and £25 voucher for the runners up.

Judge, Steve Johnston, who was also joined by Joseph Singh and James Watkins on the judging panel said of the entries “Judging this year’s competition was really difficult with a turnout of high quality entries. Our individual varied criteria lead to differences in opinion throughout the process, but we’re altogether very happy with the top three.”

Cindel Oranday

Winner – Cindel Oranday

“This is my first year attending Worcester Music Festival, as always, I had my camera with me and took some photos of the bands playing, I am so grateful that one of my photos was selected as the winner, little did I know that this hopeful festival newbie had a chance. It has been an amazing experience to participate and to be welcomed into this wonderful community of fellow photographers and music lovers. Thank you so much Worcester Music Festival, for the great music and the opportunity.” Cindel appears to have arrived at the Festival and captured part of its charisma on her first attempt!

Second place: Roy Jenks

Second place: Roy Jenks

Roy Jenks, one of the festival’s prevalent photographers described his approach; “The shot came about almost by accident as a last minute decision to pop into the Marrs Bar on my way home from seeing a couple of other bands.With the musician playing surrounded by the audience I saw the potential for including both in the shot, so it was just a case of finding the best position and waiting for the right moment. I was really pleased to see the number of new entrants to the competition and brilliant photos they were submitting I don’t know why, but the competition seemed to have a new lease of life this year.”

Third place: Emily Harris

Third place: Emily Harris

Emily’s strong monochrome image of the eerily fore-shortened singer said the prize has boosted her confidence as a photographer “I saw that the band was energetic and I wanted to capture some form of interaction between the singer and the camera. This image is one of my strongest music based photographs that I have taken. I feel that this image really sums up V2A and the atmosphere they create.“

Entry to the competition was open to all amateur photographers, who could submit up to 10 photos. They just had to have been taken during the festival that took place in scores of diverse venues, on outdoor stages and in the streets, with around 200 of the best, new and emerging artists from across the UK taking part.


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