About Skewwhiff

Female fronted four piece post punk misfits with a nod to the festival scene.

Skewwhiff released their last album Cancelled Rearranged just prior to lockdown. Appropriately titled, the album was carefully crafted through trial and error, cancelled and rearranged with blood sweat and tears. As did Nice Little Upper, Cancelled Rearranged deals with contemporary issues - mental health, social anxiety, female objectification, ageing. It still draws on the post punk influences of the debut, filtered through the grass floors of festivals such as Bearded Theory, Lakefest ansd Something Else... From lead single opener, 1942, through to the Nigel Clark (Dodgy) remix of closer, Falling Apart, the album ebbs and flows but with a constant pulse and emotional charge - (skewed) as contemporary politics are never far away from this musical think tank.

And now for the truth... Not merely running or walking down the street but loping languidly, gliding spectrally in their other-worldly way. These cats don't move the same way you and I do. Existing in their own orbit, with rarified oxygen substitute intake, this unholly unicellular organism, a gang in the true sense, fortress against unintelligence, an anti-entropy unit. Yeah sure they write riffs, tunes, words: pluck'n'strum strings, strike skins and massacre microphones. Singing humanoid songs they remain tho amicable and benevolent aliens, doomed yet happy to remain forever outsiders in the purest sense. Their earthly disguise is (un)canny, taking on an almost plebeian aspect/countenance; these are 'people' who will steal your lunchmoney, cadge fags and ponce beers off you all night long. Yes they doubtlessly indulge in anthropomorphic sex squelchings but don't let that fool you, this is immaculate music. I can't tell you about the nameless noise they create so answers on a interplanetary postcard please. This is unchartered territory, untamed topography; yer sat-nav is no use round here.

Skewwhiff are yours to discover and yours only ;)


Beanie / Vocals
Hogey / Guitar
Sammy The Hat / Bass
Glazz / Drums

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