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Worcester Music Festival is only possible thanks to the musicians that give up their time to play for free. And this year we want to give something back – that’s why this year’s FREE workshop programme includes a special session aimed at anyone pursuing a career as a professional musician.

Contracts, Copyright & Royalties

Contracts are found in all sectors of the music industry so a ‘working knowledge’ of the basics of contract law is essential for anyone pursuing a professional career in music. This workshop will introduce the basics, the benefits and the pitfalls of contracts. Following the session you will have a better understanding of the concept and importance of copyright, as well as an understanding of how to protect your creative material from unauthorised use and how to collect royalties.

Led by friend of Worcester Music Festival, John Nash, this session gives musicians the opportunity to tap into the expertise of a music industry veteran. John has been working in the  music industry since the 1970’s and is well versed in the all aspects of the music industry.

When & Where?

The time and venue are yet to be confirmed so stay tuned for more information. In the meantime, if you would like to register your interest, please drop a line to

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