COLUMBUS Giant may not be local, but the infectious, acoustic folk pop outfit from New Zealand knocked the socks off audiences when they travelled up from their London base for WMF2011.

Even better, they want to come back in 2012. A must-see. In today’s Meet the Musicians, we catch up with singer and guitarist Darren Clark.

Darren is answering the questions on behalf of all members of the band without their consent or knowledge. He may be completely wrong (and most likely is), but is very happy to be representing them, anyway.

How would you describe yourself?

In a word, ‘bear’.

How would you describe your music?

I like it…it’s dark and upbeat, folky and a little bit flowery. We like a good, thumping beat.

Which song would you dump in room 101?

I don’t know what room 101 is. I assume I will receive a ribbing from the rest of the band for such appalling ignorance.

Who is your inspiration?

My inspiration is, probably, my mother. Just the best person I know. The only woman who would go to a gig in a basement to watch her son perform, and spend most of the gig concerned about the fire hazard presented by numerous candles and a tightly-packed audience.

What annoys you most?

Cyclists who run red lights. I just want to hit them in the face with my guitar.

What’s your favourite pudding?

Probably some form of flapjack. We don’t have them in New Zealand (ED: where Columbus Giant hail from) and I practically wet myself the first time I tried one over here.

Are you in love?

Well, I’ve only just met you, but, hey, I’m a liberal kind of guy. Why not?

Do you have a reccurring dream? If so, what is it?

I dream when I’m on my futon, sometimes, that a bed magically appears next to me and I climb into that. I always sleep better after that.

Where did you play at Worcester Music Festival?

We were lucky enough to play three venues; outside the Guildhall, inside the Cricketers and at Worcester Arts Workshop.

What was the experience like?

We had the best time ever. Loved every minute of it. The people, the music, the food. All was awesome and we would thoroughly recommend to anyone to play!

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