MARIE-Claire is a folk / country singer from Worcester, who has been performing in front of audiences since she was very young and is able to capture and convey heartfelt emotions and paint

How would you describe yourself?

Living a parallel life as a normal person.

How would you describe your music?

We paint musical pictures. A broad range of influences including folk, country, pop and indie.

Which song would you dump in room 101?

Mustang Sally.

Who is your inspiration?

At the moment, it’s definitely Lisa Hannigan.

What annoys you most?

“Can you just bear with me?”

What’s your favourite pudding?

Anything with chocolate in it.

Are you in love?


Do you have a recurring dream?

Climbing stairs and the higher I go, the more the walls, floors and doorways start to crumble.

Where did you play at Worcester Music Festival?

The Old Rectifying House.

What was the experience like?

Amazing. Brilliant crowd, lovely atmosphere.


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