ANYONE who’s seen Calm Like a Riot will know John, the tigger-like, angst riddled rapper from south Worcester’s 4th best indie and hip-hop band 2008.

While he is the one shouting a lot upfront, John, brothers Dan and Pete on guitar and drummer Mick are very much a loving package, just ask their enthusiastic fans. In today’s Meet the musicians, we find out what’s troubling John…

How would you describe yourself?

We’re Calm Like a Riot. We have a great time pretending we are in a famous rock band. What do you do when you’re in a famous rock band? You play music you love, record demos, do live shows and make idiots of yourselves in music videos. We don’t have a deal or unlimited funding, but we do all this and more.

How would you describe your music?

We are British indie hip-hop. Our vocals are rapped out at high velocity with a funky, heavy, indie guitar sound backing them up and helping them smash through the boredom and lethargy created by so called ‘popular music’.

Which song would you dump in room 101?

Swagger Jagger. I wish we could pretend this part of West Midlands’ history never occurred. Only swear words express how we feel about this song.

Who is your inspiration?

Idiots who make up stupid rules about how we should live our lives and the complacent morons who follow such rules, without question.

What annoys you most?

See above.

What’s your favourite pudding?

Sticky toffee.

Are you in love?

Yes, we are all very much in love.

Do you have a recurring dream? If so, what is it?

Nothing springs to mind.

Where did you play at Worcester Music Festival?

We played at Worcester Arts Workshop on the Saturday as part of the Kranck Promotions day of entertainment.

What was the experience like?

We gave up some of our slot for a band who had travelled all the way from Cardiff. We’d also made a video to come on to (we like making videos), both of which reduced our set to about five songs, which was a shame as I think the crowd were enjoying themselves. We have acquired a reputation for an entertaining live show, and so the WMF photo competition hopefuls were out in force. If playing music you have created to an appreciative audience, making them smile and dance, with cameras pointed at you, isn’t the rock and roll bands dream, I don’t know what is.



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