Becky Rose video interviewed by Luciana Blaha for the Worcester Music Festival.

Filmed by Jim Lowe

WHILE Worcester singer and keyboard player Becky Rose epitomises elfin charm, her voice is anything but diddy.

Influenced by musical theatre and one of just 40 artists from across the UK chosen for the BBC Introducing Musicians Masterclass, she blew audiences away at last year’s WMF. Now heavily into recording her own electro-pop, what will she pull out of the bag at this year’s festival?

How would you describe yourself?

A bit of a tomboy, with a work hard, play hard, mentality.

How would you describe your music?

My live music is theatrical, but intimate, and my recorded music is electronic and pop.

Which song would you dump in room 101?

My own song ‘That Old Routine’. It’s way too Broadway for me now.

Who is your inspiration?

Film score composers, particularly Danny Elfman (The Nightmare Before Christmas) and Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Carribean). They have their own dramatic signature styles, which I love.

What annoys you most?

Myself – I stress about deadlines way too much.

What’s your favourite pudding?

Banoffee pie.

Are you in love?

I wouldn’t want to divulge, but my music gives a lot away.

Do you have a reccurring dream? If so, what is it?

Yes, I dream about the end of the world, I watch too many disaster movies.

Where did you play at Worcester Music Festival?

In past WMFs, I’ve played at Rise, The Pheasant, The Pig & Drum, Marr’s Bar and The Art House Cafe.

What was the experience like?

My experience of WMF has been amazing! I love it because it gives people the chance to see some great live music, and musicians the opportunity to play at new venues. One of the highlights of WMF for me was performing with the band Mudball, but, mostly, I like watching other bands.


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