With September creeping ever closer, the Worcester Music Festival team are polishing up the line-up for the upcoming festivities, which has seen completed schedules for a number of stages already released. While there are many more bands to be announced over the coming weeks, already the likes of Worcester Arts Workshop have confirmed their Friday line-up – Shuddervision, Sister Sandwich and The Stiff Joints, for the punk and ska fans amongst you – while the Young Pop Things are also brandishing a full schedule for Saturday evening and Steffo Presents has a full and very different line-up ready for the Sunday afternoon.

Young Pop Things’ Saturday night antics will see Worcester Music Festival go global with Pokemon Reaktor flying in from Berlin for the event, alongside electro act V2A who will be flying out to start their European tour after their appearance at the festival. Sharing the stage throughout the evening, we will also see performances from Ross Angeles, Tom Cassidy – who will tick the experimental music box for this event, that’s for certain – and Whitely, who are set to bring a taste of dreampop to the evening. Of course this is just one of many events that will be happening in Worcester on the Saturday.

Sunday daytime brings yet another new and interesting event as Steffo Presents takes over The Friends Meeting House for an afternoon of electronic acts performing live soundtracks to experimental short films. The theme of the event is 100 Years of Dada, which for the uninitiated, is an avant-garde European art movement of the early 20th Century.

Steffo sets out to prove that Dada is alive and well, as Ferric Lux, Rosebud, Deathly Pale Party and Dmitri & The Godhead perform for this DADADAY! In addition to all the above plus much much more to come, Worcester Music Festival will also be opening its proverbial doors to BBC Introducing in Hereford and Worcester throughout

Sunday’s various sets and performances. During their time at the festival, BBC will be filming several of the acts with the aim of airing them on their BBC Hereford and Worcester Introducing show in October. As you can see the weekend line-up is steadily and excitingly building week by week, so it is worth keeping your eyes out for further updates from the Worcester Music Festival team as they arrive over the coming months. Please visit www.worcestermusicfestival.co.uk www.facebook.com/Worcestermusicfestival/ V2A Our usual


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