This act preformed during the 2018 festival

White Noise Cinema

About White Noise Cinema

A collective of various local musos, White Noise Cinema have been together for a little over eight months now and have crafted a 45 minute set of eclectic and cinematic original jams.

Influences range from the obvious (Radiohead / Nine Inch Nails / Talking Heads / LCD Soundsystem) to the less so (Frank Zappa / Sun Ra / Merzbow / Miles Davis) and everything in between.

Ready and willing to turn some faces inside out.


Benjamin Hiorns: Vocals /synths / acoustic guitar
James Atkins: Lead guitar
Ben Allen: Synths / samplers
Tom Paine: Keyboard / percussion / backing vocals
Josh Dibble: Rhythm guitar / brass / backing vocals
Chris Jamieson: Drums
Will Allman: Bass

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