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...and Upstairs, Nurses

Math Rock trio from Birmingham bringing catchy riffs and complex rhythms.


Ajay Srivastav

Spiritual blend of Delta Blues and Indian Folk.

Alex Rainsford

Vibey nosies based loosely around Alt-folk.

The Americas

New three-piece Rock n Roll band from Worcester. Music to ride a motorcycle to.

Anne-Marie Sanderson

singer-songwriter of elegantly quirky folk

The Arboretum

The Arboretum - Shimmering guitars, deep dark bass lines and twisted beats

Arcadia Roots

Worcestershire based band with earthy, psychedelic and infectious vibe.

The Archivists

We're a band from Hereford, we spend our lives making music and partying.



Like Frank Turner and Jeff Buckley fighting in a sack


New Orleans gypsy pop blends music & theatrics, Tom Waits meets Kid Creole.


BASSE is a power-duo, heavily influenced by Blues and Garage Rock music.


Emo influenced punk from Worcester


BEKAH is a 24 year old, CaribbAsian; singer, songwriter, rapper, multi-instrumentalist and record producer from the UK.

Belly Fusion

We are an improvisational Tribal Belly Dance Troupe based in Worcestershire who perform nation-wide to bring our fun spirit and original style to all.

Ben Hughes

17 year old Singer/ Songwriter from Worcester.

Benjamin Dallow

Classic modern rock-pop songs in the grand tradition. Moody git mind!

Bethan and the Morgans

Folk has never seen the likes of it!

Bethany Roberts

Just me and my guitar. I am a singer/ songwriter and I also do covers.

Big Fat Shorty

The blues is back! In the 1990s and early 2000s, The Awful Truth were a highly acclaimed blues band in the Worcester area, led by John Ridsdale (vocal

Big Wolf Band

Brilliant dynamic rock blues band from the midlands that deliver every time


Transatlantic songs and music - traditional and original.


Rude, crude, fuzz rock dudes. VERY LOUD.

Black Cat Bone

Blues based 5 piece

The Boston Shakers

A cocktail of good vibrations you won't get enough of...

The Brickshed

Quirky folky trio.


Calm Like a Riot

Shouty, twangy disco rock rap hop fusion


Capas (Phil Wilkins) is a multi instrumentalist cinematic composer

Carly Dee

Carly Dee is returning with new original music to perform locally.

Caroline 7

Caroline 7 is a singer, songwriter and guitarist based in the Midlands, and entertains audiences with a mixture of lively and thought-provoking acoustic folk/rock.


"Chambers are a really special, hard hitting, unforgiving duo" - BBC RADIO 1

Chevy Chase Stole My Wife

Cheeky pop-rock with catchy melodies


Chewie mixes punk, rock, blues & country into his own brand of acoustic songsmithery. Acoustic Attitude.

Chloe Mogg

20 year old Singer/Songwriter, Guitarist & Bassist from Stourport on Severn

The Clause

We are an upcoming 4 piece Indie Rock band from Birmingham.


ClayToRide create music sponsored by their mental disorders. Cheers

Colin Baggs

Virtuoso guitar playing, folk to flamenco, jazz & classical. Breathtaking

Colin Robot & Digits McPhee

Both are DJs from the Shuddervision Sound System and part of SECTION6.

Collective 43

New Orleans street style band with twists of blues and jazz


Daisy Hill

Recently signed solo artist who loves to perform with lots of experience.

The DC Spectres

Two-piece garage band

Defeat Statistics

Defeat Statistics are a pro-feminist, pro-LGBT pop-punk band.

Dogs of Santorini

More rock than Punk. More Punk than Rock.

Doozer McDooze

Doozer McDooze is a singer songwriter from Essex, England.

Double Denim

Bring your delta blue jeans for a Post-Sea Shanty singsong and the occasional opportunity for a drank-skank.

Dragon Folk Club Residents

Dragon Folk Club Residents

Drew Darcy

Drew Darcy is an Artist/Singer/Songwriter from UK

Duck Thieves

Musical inspired indie rock with boy girl vocals and big guitar solos.


Elea Calvet

Full of attitude and verve, with urban grungy blues and soulful lyrics.

Elephant Peel

A bunch of free-thinking, rock n roll survivalists

Ellisha Green

Enthusiastic singer/songwriter with a passion for music and performance.


Technical Metal infused with classical melodies and crushing groove.


Erica is an awesome, dynamic, unsigned and original three-piece band


Esteban describe themselves as a really good idea, math rock for people who


Falling Stacks

Uptight, Joyless, Pretty Good (Joy Collective)


Dynamic, atmospheric, mournful and melodic alternative rock.

Family Ceilidh at St Swithins Institute Halls

Family Ceilidh - A rip roaring free event for the whole family


FEET is a young student band from Coventry in England.


Math tinged shoegaze with big riffs.

Fracture Zone

Wyre Forest acoustic indie-folk act with original songs and instrumentals.

Freeborn Rising

Politically charged Folk/Punk

Funky Navigation

A DJ set with a big funky dance off baby!!!


FURY are a British band who deliver expansive, panoramic and beautiful arrangements, easily capable of transporting you to alternate and fantastical universes.


Garrington T. Jones

A purveyor of new tradition blues that blends the traditional ethos of acoustic Blues music with a modern edge. An accomplished instrumentalist, vocalist and harmonica player and lover of acoustic blues, folk and roots music.

Ghosts in the Photographs

Well suited for sound tracking gathering storms

Girls Love Ponies

Supercharged Punk/Pop/Rock anthems. Fun, Raw, pulsating and energetic......

Grave Altar

Primitive Black-Thrashing Death. Rising from the Midlands & South-West.


Mega Grizzle Stoner Rock!!!! A Grizzleroot show is beer fuelled and loud as hell.



An intoxicating cocktail of rockabilly beats, surf twangs and crunchy riffs

Happy Bones

Happy Bones is a singer songwriter folk project.

Harry & The Howlers

Female fronted Rockabilly at it's finest! Back to the classic days of fifties calendar glamour, their sound is a force of nature


"Clearly cathartic, never cloying and ultimately uplifting and redemptive"

Hipflask Virgins

Groovy two-piece riff-rock formed in 2014 from the ashes of Nomad 67


Alt/indie rock

Hoggs Bison

Instrumental 3-piece rock (post, alt, math, jazz, punk..) band from Bristol

Hopeless Wanderers

A bubbly trio of emerging talent, Jess, Alex and Jesse.

Horizon Lights

A popular local folk band playing tunes and songs in its own unique style

Howlin' Bones

Nitrous fuelled untraditional rockabilly coming right for ya.


Bass player for many years (too many to mention) - the music light went on

The Hungry Ghosts

Garage Blues from the other side of the fence.



Deb and guitar Dave collectively make up the acoustic duo Imaner.


Influens music is a heavy sounding masterpiece of a rebel soul


Psychedelic Progressive Rock, Insomnichord are a five piece progressive rock band from Bristol.


Izzy is an 11 year old with a huge love of music.


The Jack Fletcher Band

The Jack Fletcher Band is an indie rock band from the West Midlands.

Jazzy Heath

Jazzy Heath is a Pop singer, songwriter and pianist based in Cheltenham. She writes songs inspired by her experiences.


Terrific young singer/guitarist with bags of charisma!

Jerry Chester

I write and perform songs telling stories and have a droll line in patter.

Jess Silk

Jess Silk is a guitarist, singer and songwriter from the Black Country - Kingswinford, who has been penning songs since her early teens.

Josh Kemp

Josh Kemp is a singer songwriter who uses an acoustic guitar & loop pedal.

Josh Okeefe

British born Singer/Songwriter out of Nashville, TN

Junior Weeb

Indie/alternative band bring energy to any gig


Katie Ellen

A soulful vocal with original, moving songs

King Solomon Band

King Solomon is a heavyweight Roots-Reggae band from southwest England.

Kissin Kippers Fishin Club

Kissin Kippers Fishin Club...imagine the sound of a musical tobacco tin!!


Awesome Midlands Metal!


Lady Sanity

Lady Sanity is a 21 year old female emcee with a message

Les Trunkwell

Spiky Hip Hop/Bingo from the leafy middle class suburbs of Worcester

Liberty Artillery

Rock/hip hop/indie

Lost at Home

We are LOST at HOME, a four-piece pop/rock band from Redditch, Worcestershire

The Loved and Lost

Hard-hitting Melodic Metal with symphonic and electronic elements.

Lucy Jarrett

Little bit country, little bit folky, little bit bluesy, little bit punky!


Three-piece band bringing an authentic take on contemporary electronic/hybrid music


Magik River

thoughtful,exuberant,original material folk/rock, brooding ballads+up tempo

The Magpie Cafe

Folk swing band mixing sounds of the 20s with dark lyrics and modern beats


Original dancehall punx straight outta Birmingham!

Marie-Claire Berreen & Her Husbands

Dreamy ethereal vibe, a slice of classy 21st Century folk rock.

Mark Leedham

Acoustic maverick, baritone vocals, soothing melodies, big grooves and funky

Mark Stevenson

Local singer, songwriter, percussionist and poet.

Martin Thorne

Original songs, eclectic lineup and a high degree of improvisation


Matahari Quartet providing high quality Jazz/Lounge/Chillout music

MeMe Detroit

An indie grunge wave of sublimity and that's before she picks up the guitar.

Michael D. Wynn vs. Charlie Baxter

Live electronics set - BBC Radio 1 featured anthemic dark electronica

The Miffs

Happy go lucky post punk vibe

Mr Jacob Oneill

Birmingham's Mr Jacob Oneill

Mutant Vinyl

Captivating live performances and original music via black saxophones.


Neil Morris

Acoustic folk punk from The Black Country

nth Cave

A local indie/alternative rock band who perform their own material!

Nuns of the Tundra

4 piece psychedelic rock band from Malvern



Obzidian are a Thrash Groove Metal band from the home of metal since 2001

Oriel Aps

I'm a solo artist writing songs because I love it

The Overcast



Pablo Alto

Ledbury 3 piece Pablo alto are a Garage Psych band and have been compared to everyone from Hawkwind to The 13th Floor Elevators, Sonic Youth, Joy Division and The Stooges.

Paul Rose Dictatorship

A steaming saucepan of unlikely ingredients blended into a satisfying soup

The Pink Diamond Revue

Live band fronted by Acid Dol a model from another dimension combining beats from today with riffs,samples and vocal harmonies from 50's and 60's

Plastic Scene

A young band who express a refreshing sound through diverse influences.

The Poet with Passion

I'm a poet who writes about things that I'm passionate about.

The Poor Boys of Worcester

Good-time up-beat skiffle ranging from 1800s to the White Stripes


We are a nine piece, live Hip-Hop and Neo-Soul band based in Worcester.

Pre Sleep Monologue

Overdriven sass blues with heavy grunge blues undertones.

The Purple Shades

Exciting young local band full of energy and orginality.


Raphaella Kornarskis

Energetic three-piece band from Wolverhampton performing eclectic pop songs.



Renaissance Grrl

Renaissance Grrl is a sudo name for singer songwriter Alannah Jackson.

Repo Man

Grinding guitar riffs, splashes of crazy saxophone sounds and punk anger.

Riverside Sid

One man, one guitar. Chops chords, skanks and original songs.


an electronic beast howling at the sun,fed on electronica,dub & industrial

The Rosellys

The Rosellys capture the essence of country, with folk ingredients baked in.


Emerging Talented singer/songwriter/Versatile

Ross Angeles

BBC Radio 1 featured, female-fronted electronica duo from Bristol/Ross on Wye


We’re an Indie Rock band from Worcester that writes and performs original music.



4 piece melodic punk band from Worcester.

Samuel Rogers

A 24 year old energetic and versatile singer/songwriter from Birmingham

Scott Freeman & The Tokyo Sex Whales

Indie rock led by thrashing acoustic guitar.

Set em up Joe

Well known and popular Malvern band with vast folk/country/jazz repertoire

The Shaggy Dog Raconteurs

Folk/Blues/Americana quartet with a dash of Bluegrass, Ragtime and Jazz

Silent Jack

Hard Rockers from Birmingham who just want a good time!

Sister Sandwich

A high energy set of bread-based pop and punk covers the emphasis is on FUN.


Four-piece female fronted post punk misfits with a nod to the festival scene.


Sleuth is the bookish indie popster from Wolverhampton, home of Slade and England’s first automatic traffic lights.

Smokin' Pilchards

Stomping sea shanty inspired folk with a blues twist

Smokn' Ashes

Songs ranging from mellow finger picking to upbeat, foot-stomping feel good


Worcester Heavy Groovers


Solsara are a breath of fresh air for new music from the West Midlands with their raw, catchy, indie rock sound.


Sophronie has a delightful voice and is a unique talent.

Stevie Jones and The Wildfires

Originall Acoustic based rock think New Model Army Counting Crows.

The Stiff Joints

The Stiff Joints are an eleven man ska army, prepare to bounce.


Stuntdog are back.


Sundara are a 4 piece collective fusing sacred sounds of East and West.


Tash Hurdiss

A singer-songwriter who simply wants to share what she creates.


Tazmin is a 15 year old Singer/Songwriter from Worcester.

Teddy Matthews

Teddy Mathews is a guitarist and singer/songwriter from Worcestershire. With Teddy's recently released singles 'LOVE' and 'WORRY' it would seem Teddy has slipped under our musical radar. This year he's been aired on BBC Introducing.

Tell Me I'm Pretty

Original Indie Rock/Post Punk band from Coventry


Rock with a smile on its face.


Taut, chugging guitar loops layer up with frenetic tapping patterns...

Thousand Mountain

Monolithic Riffs, Ferocious live shows, Terrible Jokes.

To The Wall

Loud and heavy quartet from Birmingham.

Tom Callinswood

TOM CALLINSWOOD is an acoustic/alternative songwriter from the Midlands.

Town Musicians of Bremen

Town Musicians of Bremen are a newly formed folk trio featuring Midlands musicians Andrew Lowings (bouzouki and vocals) Leon Gormley (guitar, cittern and vocals) and Lewis Jones (melodeon, nickelharpa and vocals)

Trevor Babajack Steger


Turning Black like Lizards

Dudley based Garage/Psyche/Post Punk four-piece band.

Twist Helix

Twist Helix mix electronica and rock to make something dramatic and joyous

Tyler Massey

American songwriter singing American songs set in the 21st century.



We're a new, very energetic and excited Pop Punk wanting to play play play

Victoria Crivelli

Victoria Crivelli is a singer, songwriter and acoustic guitarist

Vienna Ditto

VIENNA DITTO Old fashioned, new fangled Voodoo Sci-Fi Blues.

Vinny Peculiar

If Tony Hancock made pop records they would sound like this UNCUT MAGAZINE


Two thirds Dandelion Killers and one sixth Cardiacs


We Come From Ashes

Metal with many diverse influences.

We Signal Fire

Alt Rock four piece born out of a creative lifeline and natural chemistry.

Weekend Recovery

A hard hitting, sonic slapping, guitar driven female fronted band

The Whipjacks

The Whipjacks are a five piece 'unsigned' alternative, speed folk outfit.

The Whole Caboodle

The Whole Caboodle is a lively electric ceilidh (barn dance) band based in Worcester. The band of five talented and experienced musicians take delight in sharing their skills, enthusiasm, and passion for live music

Worcestershire Levellers

Acoustic traditional and contemporary folk to well known ballads.


Yes Man Jellyfish

The unique sound of Yes Man Jellyfish stands on the powerful grooves of house, breaks and drum and bass. This is fused with uplifting piano, dynamic guitar, vibrant synths and soulful vocals. They have transformed their music into an energetic live show. This continues to tour venues and festivals, alongside acts such as Stanton Warriors.