This act preformed during the 2018 festival


About 7Suns

Blending afro, latin, ska, hip hop, funk & rock sounds, 7Suns are a multi-cultural 10 piece outfit based in London making universal music for universal people. Creating strong melodies and up-tempo rhythms. Founding member and composer Jay Furnival draws his eclectic style from the carnival culture that surrounded him growing up on the council estates of Brixton, South London.


Jay Furnival,
Duncan Moore,
Stephen Wrigglesworth,
Dread I Light,
David Senen Ruiz,
Chris Donnelly,
Ollie Haffenden,
Denis Chapuis,
Rachel Jackson,
Imogen Walker,
Celyn Lloyd Thomas,
Sean Burnett,
Alejandra Bedale,
Timothy Notes,
Andy Repka : Drums
Tamas Teszary,
Gregg Price,
Cyro Zuzi,
Michael Searl
Johnny Machon

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