Music-themed arts and crafts for children of all ages

About Music-themed arts and crafts for children of all ages

Spare Room Arts will once again bring some glitter and sparkle to the festival! A packed session of music-themed arts and crafts activities.

Workshops will change throughout the day so there is always something new to create!

11-12:30: super kites!
11-12:30: music festival masks
12:30- 2:00: music themed puppets to go in the theatre of endless possibilities
12:30 - 2:00: music festival flags
2:00- 4:30: musical instruments

11-12:30: make your own band badges
11-12:30: music festival flags
12:30-2:00: music themed puppets
12:30-2:00: music festival flags
2:00-4-30: musical instruments

Spare Room Arts Profile

Spare Room Arts has been operating for 10 years and specialising in outdoor events and music festivals, tailor making workshops bespoke to your event and encouraging creativity in any setting. The team at Spare Room Arts works with schools, community groups and on council and arts council funded projects.


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