This act preformed during the 2019 festival

The Whipjacks

About The Whipjacks

Pounding drums, driving bass and screeching guitar flit hand in hand with melodic mandolin, partial nudity and attitude filled lyrics.

When The Whipjacks hit the stage, it's time to raise your drink and try not to spill it on your mates, which is easier said than done.

The five piece band hail from the lazy little city of Worcester and over the last few years they have worked hard to earn their place in the world of live music. A place they continue to prove they deserve with appearances in place at festivals such as Nozstock, Mello Festival and Lakefest.

The Whipjacks bring a foot-stomping, rampage of energy to the stage and the emphasis of their brand of 'Speed folk' is entertainment, not self indulgence.

If they aren't near you right now, you can be damn sure they are coming...



Dean Miles: Vocals
Arran Gould: Mandolin / acoustic guitar
Tim Pearson: Drums
Tim Wright: Electric guitar
Ash Curtis: Bass

The Whipjacks on the web

Twitter: whipjacks
Instagram: @whipjacks