Photo of most of the committee members for 2013

Photo of most of the organising committee team for 2014

Festival Director

Anthony Robbins
Other responsibilities: Website
Twitter: @vontabard

Festival Director

Nikki Boraston
Other responsibilities: Charities

Marketing & Press


Helen  Mole – Marketing Coordinator (
Andy Burton –
On-line Marketing Coordinator (
Charley Barnes
Fiona Brennan
Suzi Briggs
Robyn Rooney
Douglas Kirkpatrick
Will Smith
Dave Grubb

Promoter Coordinators

Christopher Murphy –
Darren Phillips 

Workshop coordinators

Holly Wyatt –

Volunteer and HQ Coordinator

Gema Preece (

Funding and Sponsorship


Outside events coordinators

Dan Brothwell
Mick Smith

Sound engineers / technicians

Stu Hunt
Jack Bates
Stephen Preece

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