This act preformed during the 2018 festival

Yur Mum

About Yur Mum

We are a DIY Dirty Rock band from London, UK. Our music is a blend of anything that's loud, noisy and comes from the heart, carrying elements of classic rock, alternative and grunge delivered with a DIY punk attitude. We call it 'road rage' rock.

We've made our stage debut in early 2016 in London. We love playing live music and have made over 100 performances accros the UK, France, Austria, Hungary and Czechia. No show is too big or too small for Yur Mum.

After self releasing a single and


Anelise Kunz: Vox and Bass
Akos Gado: Guitar
Fabio Couto: Drums

Yur Mum on the web

Twitter: rockyurmum