The Poor Boys of Worcester

About The Poor Boys of Worcester

The Poor Boys of Worcester are six boys from the magnificent Severn. Their gigs are fun... they make a noise and expect dancing. They cover civil war Americana, White Stripes & lots in between.

They feature five ukes, banjolele, double bass and harmonicas but they ain't your normal uke band & have the only hammer & chisel in the WMF. With songs about trains, cheatin', romance, marriage, murder (and death by natural causes), jail and middle distance running... a good time is guaranteed for all.


Wilf Tomaney: Tenor uke, harmonica, hammer & chisel, tambourine
Justin Bryant: Tenor uke, banjolele
Andy Tonkinson: Tenor uke, cajon
Tom Watson: Electric Tenor Uke
Dave Pygott: Concert Uke, cajon
Mick Morris: Double Bass

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Twitter: poorboysofworcs