This act preformed during the 2017 festival

The Poor Boys of Worcester

About The Poor Boys of Worcester

The Poor Boys of Worcester are six boys from the magnificent Severn. Their gigs are fun... they make a noise and expect dancing. They cover civil war Americana, White Stripes & lots in between.

They feature five ukes, banjolele, double bass and harmonicas but they ain't your normal uke band & have the only hammer & chisel in the WMF. With songs about trains, cheatin', romance, marriage, murder (and death by natural causes), jail and middle distance running... a good time is guaranteed for all.


Wilf Tomaney: Tenor uke, harmonica, hammer & chisel, tambourine
Justin Bryant: Tenor uke, banjolele
Andy Tonkinson: Tenor uke, cajon
Tom Watson: Electric Tenor Uke
Dave Pygott: Concert Uke, cajon
Mick Morris: Double Bass

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Twitter: poorboysofworcs