This act preformed during the 2018 festival

Savannah (Savannahuk)

About Savannah (Savannahuk)

Taking influences from anencyclopaedias worth of musicSavannah pull on all corners of themusic spectrum but their musicalroots are dug deep into British Rock.The Jam, Cream, Stone Roses, TheWho, Led Zepplin, Small Faces, TheBeatles, The Kinks, (the list is endless).

Savannah are the pulse from theheartbeat of the fast fadinggenerations and want to resurrect,preach & convert the people whereever they go with their strong melodicmovement & stadium choruses.

Steve Lamacq "Taxing Times" Playlisted on his BBC 6 Music show. - July 2017


Liam Ball: Vocals
Jason Lewis: Guitar / backing vocals
Ellis Holmes: Bass
Harry Neat: Drums

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Twitter: uksavannah