This act preformed during the 2018 festival



When Planets Collide review- (words - Gareth Kelly) - the boys in SODEN a Worcester based band that I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with in September had just unleashed their first EP of 4 tracks (well technically 3 and a 'bonus' track) and Not only were they an awesome Live act but the demos hold some great hope too. Coming somewhere between Doom and Grunge this instrumental three piece have some cracking riffs and the pacing is great too, the best thing is they don't have the usual 'I wish they had a vocalist' feeling that most instrumental groups seem to suffer form in this genre! Give it a go you shall not be disappointed.


SLAP MAG - REVIEW (by Jessica Charles) - Finally, fronted by guitarists in the most chilling, distressing masks imaginable, headliners Soden also created an appropriately macabre feeling to this hair raising Friday 13th. Not only do they have the guts to delve into the murky, thundering depths of doom metal, Soden have the power and tight skill to take fierce command of a venue, and of course without the need of a vocalist. Slow, intense, and then rapidly changing and consistently compelling, they hold the audience in the palm of a tight fist and don't let go, making for a genuinely enjoyable set. This is a band to keep both eyes on, provided they haven't been brutally gauged out by the sheer velocity of their grooves.


Block: Guitar
Briggs: Bass
Moore: Drums

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