This act preformed during the 2018 festival

Kiss Me, Killer

About Kiss Me, Killer

"Kiss Me, Killer are a five piece self-styled 'ferocious, hooky, riot grrrl garage punk' band and, I have to say, their description pretty much makes my review unnecessary as it does sum them up to a tee. Boasting influences from psychedelic originators The 13th Floor Elevators, to garage pioneers MC5 and The Stooges, to punk stalwarts such as The Mob and The Ruts, to old school metal and riot grrrls Bikini Kill, Kiss Me, Killer are very much a product of their diverse influences." - Review from Shout Louder website


Holly: Vocals
David: Lead guitar
AJ: Drummer
Nat: Bass
Cat: Guitar / backing vocals

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Twitter: kissme_killer